JJ Watt has shown interest in Packers

JJ Watt has shown interest in Packers

Already about 12 teams were interested in JJ. Only hours after the release from the Texans, Watt became official.

Welder named the Steelers, Browns, Bills, and Titans.

Add the packer to that list.

Bill Huber of SI.com reports that Green Bay is interested in signing Watt, who is now a free agent.

Packers make sense, but like many teams, you need to work hard to make them work economically.

The team has rebuilt the left tackle All-Pro David Bakhtiari deal to create a $ 8.3 million cap space, but the Packers need more work to break below the final cap.

Watt, who will turn 32 next month, wants to play for the candidate. That’s exactly what the Packers did, making NFC Championship games in the last two seasons and playing against MVP Aaron Rodgers in quarterbacks.

Watt grew up in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, 133 miles from Green Bay and played at the University of Wisconsin. He helped the Packers as a kid.

Watt will leave the Texans after 128 starts, 101 sack, 172 tackles, 282 quarterbacks, 25 forced fumbles and 16 fumble recovery in 10 seasons. He is the defensive player of the year three times.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur praised Watt ahead of the 2020 meeting and called him one of the best players in the league.

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