Joe Biden say: This is not a time to relax

Joe Biden say: This is not a time to relax

In a mass vaccination campaign against the corona virus on Thursday, he highlighted his administration’s progress and urged President Joe Biden not to disappoint Americans by standing up for them despite declining infections and hospital admissions in recent weeks.

Biden said that in warning of the possible effects of the virus variant, this is not the time to relax. We should wash our hands, stay socially apart, and wear masks for the love of God, for the love of God.

Biden made the remarks as part of a program to administer 50 million doses of the vaccine since he took office on January 20. He promised 100 million shots in his first 100 days, a goal that critics later decided was not ambitious enough, and half of the points reached his 37th day.

Vaccine distribution has increased 0% since the president’s inauguration, from 6.6 million doses a week when President Donald Trump now has 1.14.5 million, and about 0% from older people 755-year-olds have at least one injection, the president said. I got it. That’s about 50% of people 655 and older, he said.

Additionally, Biden says that 75% of residents with long-term benefits, 30% of the 507,000 COVID-19 deaths in the poor US population, have achieved at least one dose of the vaccine, one of the main reasons for the decline in the death rate in the past. two months.

The vaccine program will get a big boost in the coming days if the Food and Drug Administration approves the urgent use of the new Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccines.

An FDA advisory committee will decide on Friday whether to recommend approval, and Biden sought to reassure the public that there would be no outside interference.

South Korea on Friday delivered the first available corona virus virus vaccine to people in long-term care facilities, launching a mass vaccination campaign that health authorities hope will return to normal by the end of the year.

Health authorities plan to complete the first two-dose injections in March for a long-term care setting and around 344,000 residents and staff for approximately 55,000 front-line medical personnel.

Also on Friday, Hong Kong began delivering the first COVID-19 vaccine to the public, launching a program to provide free vaccines to .5.5 million residents across the program.

Americans should not try to choose which vaccine to take, but rather the first one, Dr. Anthony Fawcett said Thursday.

Fawcett, a leading infectious disease specialist in the United States, warned the public that Johnson and Johnson could look forward to some Pfizer or modern injections if the vaccine was available soon. Fawcett also told NBC News that the availability of a third vaccine was nothing but good news.

Fawcett said it was a race between the virus and the human vaccine and that the more people waited, the greater the chances of changes or adaptations to the virus.

The companies announced Thursday that Pfizer-Bioentech will begin testing booster injections to combat the COVID-19 variant. The announcement comes a day after a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that two doses of the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine significantly reduced COVID-19 by 94% across all ages.

Now, in a two-part collaboration, 144 volunteers who participated in the first round of vaccine clinical trials last year were asked to reboot, a third injection of the same vaccine designed to see if it helps them resist, plus contagious in recent months. Forms have been promoted. It is not yet clear whether a new vaccine or a booster will be needed to address the known variants, but studies show that companies want to be prepared if a new vaccine is needed.

Although we have not seen any evidence that conventional ways harm the safety of our vaccine supply, as a result, we are taking multiple steps to make decisions and whether a strain becomes immune to the safety of this vaccine, said Albert Baurla, president and CEO of Pfizer. in a sentence.

As President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 billion aid package goes to a vote in the Democratic-controlled House on Friday, cash-strapped city councils are the biggest proponents of the law. While Republican mayors want federal help to address the tax revenue crisis, the bill could pass without any support among members of the Republican House. Nationally, there are 325 Republicans who, in a letter to Congress through a conference of United States mayors, requested that Biden approve the CVD-19 aid package.

The need is real and not just within the grassroots Democratic community, says Brian Burnett, Republican Mayor of Rochester Hill, Mitch.

When the world of K-12 education turned into turmoil last spring, many teachers and students quietly rejoiced at the invisibility of high-level achievement tests. The Department of Education removes the requirement that states take annual achievement tests in education and math, which generally occurs in the spring. Schools were introduced to connect students digitally.

But now those tests are coming back. The administration of President Joe Biden this week ruled against another blanket exemption in the performance test required by the federal government this year; instead, states could delay or shorten tests or virtually give them away, or avoid distance training in tests.

We know that schools and districts have come in contact with different skill levels and technology (in epidemic education), says Ethan Hott, a professor of education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. If we want to manage policies and resources, especially in the worst affected schools, we need more accurate information about what is happening.

Less than 14% of the US population has received the vaccine, and preliminary data shows that people of color are being vaccinated at a lower rate than white Americans.

Chelsea White, executive director of the Dallas Bethlehem Center, says that historically historians have not believed in community governance or outside groups, especially when it comes to health care.

Cavid is bad enough for someone, but when you have this type of crisis in this neighborhood, it is simply catastrophic and will affect this environment for years to come, White said. “They are overwhelming, presenters and then they will go away.

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