Josh Lucas Would Love To Make Sweet Home Alabama 2

Josh Lucas Would Love To Make Sweet Home Alabama 2

After nearly 20 years, Josh Lucas says he’d be ecstatic to return to his character in a Sweet Home Alabama sequel, but the decision isn’t up to him.

Actor Josh Lucas would love to reprise his character for a Sweet Home Alabama 2. Along with starring in the original film, he has played roles in Ford v Ferrari, the television show Yellowstone, and J. Edgar. Most recently, he starred as Dylan Tucker in the most recent installment of The Purge franchise, which is titled The Forever Purge.

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy that was released in 2002. Its title was based on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s popular song of the same name from 1974. The plot follows Melanie Smooter (Reese Witherspoon) who has moved to New York to pursue a life as a socialite. It has been an entire seven years since she’s returned back home to Alabama. However, now she must make the trip to announce her engagement to Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) and finalize a divorce from her husband (Lucas), since they have been separated all of this time. The film is directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch) and written by C. Jay Cox.

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SiriusXM‘s “Pop Culture Spotlight” (via ET Canada) interviewed Lucas to promote The Forever Purge, where the 2002 film was ultimately discussed. He expressed his desire to return back to make a Sweet Home Alabama 2. However, he mentioned that the difficulty would be getting Witherspoon on board for it. He utilized his moment on the show to urge her, “Reese, c’mon, let’s go do it.” See below for Lucas’ full statement:

Look, I would love to do the sequel. The issue is Reese’s [Witherspoon] got a book club. And I’m saying that like laughingly, but Reese is, you know, I’ve heard like, ‘Oh, you can talk to her about stuff five years from now.’ You know, she’s a mogul. And back when I was doing ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ I, for some reason, remember telling the director or somebody speaking about her, but I said, ‘I bet this woman ends up running a movie studio one day.’ And she’s even beyond that at this point. I mean, you know, she’s, she’s her own version of Oprah Winfrey now, right? I mean, she’s, she’s as, and it’s extraordinary and not surprising either, at all.

Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home Alabama

Getting Witherspoon to return to the project would likely be very difficult, given that she’s a very in-demand actor, who also works in other parts of the industry. Most notably involving her production company, Hello Sunshine. The company she co-founded focuses on projects that are female-led, including Wild and the HBO hit-show Big Little Lies, which ended in 2019. Some of her recent roles include her performances in Apple TV+’s The Morning Show and Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere.

Over the last few years, nostalgia has brought back a lot of older titles into the fold. Sweet Home Alabama was generally not received very well among critics upon release, although it ended up succeeding with audiences at the box office. On a reported budget of $30 million, the film took home $180 million worldwide. Additionally, the film has become a piece of pop culture that could attract interest from fans of the original. Even if Witherspoon was interested in returning to the role for a sequel, finding the time to shoot would prove quite challenging. Perhaps Lucas going public with his interest could spark something. Regardless of whether or not Sweet Home Alabama 2 gets made, there’s still plenty of Witherspoon content yet to come.

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Source: SiriusXM/ET Canada

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