Julia Louis-Dreyfus Excited for Val’s MCU Future

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Excited for Val’s MCU Future

During an online Black Widow watch party, Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she is excited for the future of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MCU.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is “psyched” about the future of her character Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MCU. After her appearances in both the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and in the film Black WidowVal’s presence has been felt all over the MCU. And with the mystery surrounding the character and her plans still unanswered, fans can look forward to many more appearances from Louis-Dreyfus.

In the comics, La Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has a storied history with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury. She has been a gifted S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, at one point Nick Fury’s romantic partner, a Russian spy working for an organization called Leviathan, and is one of the characters that were kidnapped and replaced by Skrulls during Secret Invasion. In the comics, she was originally a citizen of Italy and part of the European “jet set,” whose parents were killed aiding a resistance movement. She chose to join S.H.I.E.L.D. to carry on their work and give meaning to their deaths.

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This week, Louis-Dreyfus tweeted that she was excited for the future of Val in the MCU. The message was a response to the Marvel Studios account posting about her character during an online watch party for Black Widow with Kevin Feige. Both the studio and the actress seem very keen on the future plans for Val in the MCU, which echoes the fan excitement for the character and her secretive plans. Louis-Dreyfus’ exact words can be read below, as can the original message from the Marvel Studios account:


Click here to see the post.

Louis-Dreyfus is known for a number of incredible, award-winning roles she has played over the years. Most audience members would know her from at least one of her big performances,  including playing Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, Selina Meyer on Veep, Christine Campbell on The New Adventures of Old Christine, lawyer Maggie Lizer on Arrested Development, or her many performances on Saturday Night Live. Her work on Veep landed her the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series 6 consecutive times, taking her up to eight Emmys after her win in the same category for The New Adventures of Old Christine, and for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Seinfeld.

Fortunately for the fans, Louis-Dreyfus brings a nice comedic energy to the character of Val, which is a welcome change from all of the melodrama in the first few installments of the MCU’s Phase 4. From revisiting Natasha’s death in Black Widow to Sam’s choice to take on the Captain America mantle knowing the racial tension it may cause in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wanda’s mental breakdown while mourning Vision in WandaVision, all the way to Loki’s broken heart (and the broken multiverse) at the end of Loki, the stories have been very serious. Val has been a breath of fresh air amidst all the sadness, even if she might be scheming to build her own team to take on the Avengers. Knowing that Louis-Dreyfus is having a good time hopefully means there is a lot more in line for her character and whatever she is building toward.

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SOURCE: Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Twitter

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