Kamala Harris and Joe Biden haven’t visited the US-Mexico border

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden haven’t visited the US-Mexico border

Vice President Kamala Harris will be stationed south of the U.S. border this week as she travels to Guatemala and Mexico to discuss efforts to address the root causes of Central American immigrants arriving in the United States.

For months, Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been urging Harris and President Joe Biden to move to areas along the U.S.-Mexico border where they say the growing number of immigrants has turned into a crisis. Members of the House and Senate have flown to border towns, visited dining facilities and boarded boats in Rio Grande. His message to Harris and Biden: Let’s see for ourselves.

In the Rio Grande Valley, south of Texas, where many immigrants come, there is controversy over whether a visit to Harris or Biden is needed. Instead, officials said, they want the Biden administration to be more involved in talks with border towns and their leaders to find a solution, and they want Congress to pass immigration laws.

Democrat of Texas, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez told the United States today about the president or vice president’s visit to the region, I don’t know. I certainly think they need to have a large circle at the conversation table about what is happening.

The valley in Rio Grande, which includes busy border crossings, has been the background to Washington’s immigration controversy for decades. Lawyers and the media parachute during the immigration spike. Some presidents have visited the region; Others avoid the southern tip of Texas.

Amid a massive increase in immigrants originally from Central America, President Barack Obama visited Texas in 2014, but did not cross the border. In North Dallas he gave a speech on the subject.

President Donald Trump initiated immigration and border wall building during his administration. He visited the valley in Rio Grande twice, in 2019 and January, just days before the end of his administration.

President George W. Bush traveled to Texas in August 2006 to speak with members of the Army National Guard, which helps protect the border.

Biden said in March that he would go to the border at some point, then said he did not visit because he did not want to become a problem.

He said at his first press conference in March, “I don’t know, bring the whole Secret Service and everyone with me with me,” he said at his first press conference in March.

Harris said he was focusing on the main causes of immigration from the northern triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, in addition to Mexico.

Harris will meet Monday with Guatemalan officials and leaders of nonprofit groups. On Tuesday, he will travel to Mexico City to meet with officials.

William Antholys, executive director of the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, says shooting leaders or targeting emergency areas in the wake of a hurricane is part of the job and a way to show your care.

Migration is more complicated because officials are dealing not only with what is happening on the U.S.-Mexico border, but also with the timing of the departure, Antholes said.

By sending Harris to Guatemala and Mexico, the Biden administration is choosing to address the political root causes of the immigration, he said.

In April, Republican House of Representatives lawmakers placed a picture of Harris in a milk carton that read, Missing at the Border: Vice President Kamala Harris.

If he becomes the Vice President of the United States and the President puts him in his charge, Vice President Harris will have to go to the border and see for himself, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. Said during a press conference. . In April.

The growth of immigrant children, families and adults arriving at the border in the United States has occurred under multiple administrations, both Democrats and Republicans. In 2014, Border Patrol officers under the Obama administration faced 550,6996 immigrants. In 2019, the Border Patrol under Trump detained about 1 million people.

A record number of immigrants have been detained this year. In April, 1,176,622 people were detained at the southern border.

Gonzalez, who represents part of the valley in Rio Grande, praised National Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas’ visit to the region. Myorcas visited a border patrol facility in Donna, Texas, where journalists were given access, along with the secretary and several members of parliament.

“I think he did a good job of informing and implementing plans on what I see on the ground and how to handle the situation,” Gonzalez said.

McLean Mayor Jim Darling, whose term expires this month, said he would like to see Biden or Harris visit the region to make border communities more part of the discussion on how to deal with the immigration situation. Darling briefly met with Trump during a trip to the valley in his Rio Grande.


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