KUWTK: Everything That Kim Kardashian & Irina Shayk Have In Common

KUWTK: Everything That Kim Kardashian & Irina Shayk Have In Common

Kanye West was Kim’s husband on KUWTK. Now, he’s her ex and he’s linked with model Irina Shayk, who shares some common ground with Kim.

When Keeping Up With the Kardashians legend Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, fans weren’t really expecting Kanye West to start dating Irina Shayk, and we’re here to talk about the similarities between the two famous women. Kim is apparently fine with Kanye moving on, although she is likely hiding some pain. She and Kanye went public with their relationship back in 2012, so they have a ton of history, not to mention four amazing children.

While Kim is focusing on her array of lucrative business ventures and her kids (and on keeping any romantic activity very quiet), Kanye is stepping out with a model who isn’t really so different from his ex. However, there is talk that Kanye and Irina are already having problems. Rumors of trouble in paradise surfaced on Page Six on July 13.

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Kanye is a musical genius who’s revered for his inventiveness and willingness to take chances. He is able to succeed outside of the music industry, as his fashion brand Yeezy is a huge hit. Kanye has also helped Kim to develop the SKIMS brand and played a role in shaping her personal style. While Kim from Keeping Up With the Kardashians is branching out on her own, Kanye’s rumored new love interest Irina may be open to his influence, just like Kim was, despite Kanye and Irina’s romance “cooling off,” as reported by Page Six.

Irina Shayk Is Co-Parenting Just Like Kim Kardashian Is

Kanye West-Irina Shayk-Dating-Kim Kardashian-Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim hasn’t had the easiest time of it lately, although she shows her usual strength and sense of purpose, despite a divorce and failing the baby bar exam. Irina also had a big life change when she split from Bradley Cooper in 2020, after four years together. Irina and Bradley share a daughter, Lea de Seine, who is now 4 years of age. Irina and Kim have both needed to adjust as they learned to co-parent with their exes. This is a big shift, although both women can afford help with their kids when they need it. Being moms who don’t live with their baby daddies is definitely something that they have in common.

Kim Kardashian And Irina Shayk Are Involved In The Fashion World

Kim Kardashian: Plastic Surgery:: Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kim and Irina are also seasoned players in the fashion game. Irina appeared on the cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The Russian model has posed for high-end brands, including Versace, and even walked the runway at a 2012 Yeezy show. Kim has also modeled Yeezy designs. Kim is a successful fashion and beauty entrepreneur, thanks to SKIMS and KKW Beauty, while Irina is a very successful high fashion model. Both women have made their mark in the world of makeup, hair, and style.

Kim Kardashian And Irina Shayk Have Famous Exes

These women also have famous exes in common. Kim was briefly married to former NBA star Kris Humphries. She was also linked to American singer and rapper, Ray J. Irina was with soccer star Christiano Ronaldo from 2010 to 2015. She dated Bradley Cooper for four years. They broke up in 2019.

Clearly, these women have plenty in common, so Kanye may in fact have a type. Both celebrity females are brunette, beautiful, successful mothers. Both are very involved in the fashion industry and no strangers to high-profile romances. While Kanye and Irina’s future as a couple is uncertain, due to rumors of trouble in their relationship, Irina may currently be Kanye’s muse, and Kim from Keeping Up With the Kardashians certainly filled that role for years.

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Source: Page Six

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