KUWTK: Kendall Jenner Sued For Breach Of Modeling Contract

KUWTK: Kendall Jenner Sued For Breach Of Modeling Contract

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner is facing legal trouble after she was sued for allegedly breaching a modeling contract.

Star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kendall Jenner is lawyering up after she was slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly breaching a modeling contract. Kendall is accused of not fulfilling the full agreement for two scheduled photoshoots ahead of the pandemic. With Kendall busy growing her tequila company and fulfilling other modeling gigs, the supermodel is having her model management team work to handle the lawsuit. But the plaintiffs argue Kendall ignored their numerous attempts to get the shoot rescheduled.

Fans have been speculating if Kendall is attempting a rebrand after she noticeably archived or deleted numerous old Instagram posts. With her sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, both undergoing rebrands for their cosmetic companies, onlookers are wondering if Kendall is getting in on the rebrand action by revamping her Instagram profile. Amid the success of her recently launched company 818 Tequila, Kendall appears to be branding herself as a tequila mogul and fashion model. Her current Instagram page boasts promotions for her tequila company and her latest paid advertisements and modeling gigs. But there’s one incomplete modeling assignment that is giving Kendall and her team trouble.

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A legal complaint was filed in New York this week accusing Kendall of not fulfilling her end of a photoshoot contract, E! News reports. Kendall is said to have been paid $1.5 million, plus a 20 percent service fee, for two photoshoots. She completed the first photoshoot in July 2019 and was paid $1.35 million by February 2020. The second shoot was scheduled in London in March 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic prevented Kendall from traveling overseas to do the shoot. The Italian company says they were corresponding with Kendall to reschedule the shoot for the fall, but the reality star reportedly “ceased responding to Liu Jo” until the company “informed her that it considered her in breach of the contract,” the lawsuit states.

The suit goes on to say “that, therefore, the contract was terminated, according to the documents.” The complaint also notes the lawsuit was only filed after the company had “no success in obtaining a refund.” But a spokesperson from The Society Management, which represents Kendall, is already working to resolve the legal complaint by defending Kendall and denying claims of her skipping out on the second photoshoot. According to Kendall’s management company, the “suit is without merit. The Society Management, on behalf of Ms. Kendall Jenner, has continually offered Liu Jo alternative dates and locations to fulfill an agreement that was forced to be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The statement continued, “Jenner has willingly offered to complete services honoring her commitments.” But if Liu Jo doesn’t back down from the legal complaint or the two parties can’t reach a settlement, Kendall might find herself forced to appear in court. The company also accuses Kendall of traveling to Italy in September 2020 to fulfill another photoshoot. The suit includes links to paparazzi shots that show Kendall appearing to arrive at a Versace photo shoot in Italy. Kendall has remained silent about her legal woes. Hopefully, her management company can handle it without the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star having to get involved.

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Source: E! News

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