Latest: UK approves test to expose volunteers to virus

Latest: UK approves test to expose volunteers to virus

The government announced on Wednesday that the UK’s clinical trial ethics regulator has approved the trial and will begin within a month. The goal is to develop more effective vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

Researchers are looking for up to 90 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30 who will be infected with COVID-19 in a safe and controlled environment. This study seeks to determine the minimum amount of virus needed to cause an infection.

Young people are urged to volunteer because of the lowest risk of serious illness caused by the coronavirus. Research participants are monitored 24 hours a day.

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Coronavirus infections in the Prague-Czech Republic are on the rise, and hospitals are under even greater pressure, despite a decline in new cases in parts of Europe.

The three Czech counties on the German-Polish border are completely blocked due to the high incidence of infectious variants of the coronavirus first discovered in the United Kingdom. Health Minister Jan Blatny said Wednesday that the closure may need to be extended to other parts of the country in the coming weeks if infection trends continue.

Bratney said the country’s health care system, with 6,171 COVID-19 patients in the hospital and 1,196 in the intensive care unit, is reaching its limits.

The ministry is considering ordering medical students to work in hospitals and said it will seek treatment for Czechs from neighboring countries when the hospital’s capacity reaches 90%.

In a country of 10.7 million, there were more than 1.1 million confirmed cases and 18,596 died.

Berlin-Pfizer and BioNTech said Wednesday that they had signed a contract to supply the European Union with another 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

US and German companies said in a statement that they would add to the 300 million doses of the vaccine originally ordered. The EU Executive Committee has the option of requesting an additional 100 million doses.

Berlin-Berlin authorities have opened the fifth coronavirus vaccination center in the German capital within the indoor cycling stadium.

Built as part of Berlin’s unsuccessful bid for the 2000 Olympics, the Velodrome began Wednesday with just 120 shots. The goal is to constantly increase that number up to 2,200 per day.

Although the vaccine will be released in Germany later than in the United Kingdom and the United States, Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to provide the vaccine to anyone who wants to be vaccinated by the end of summer.

Dilek Kalayci, Berlin’s chief health official, emphasized that all three European Union-approved vaccines are effective.

She responded to reports that some members of the medical staff had announced reservations for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which was not created by Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna and is currently reserved for people under the age of 65. Was there.

Colombo, Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka has confirmed that a cricket tour of the West Indies will take place later this month after uncertainty after team coaches and top batters test positive for COVID-19.

Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement that the team will depart for Antigua on February 23 and will play in a biosecure environment at two venues, Coolidge Cricket Ground and Servicebian Richards Cricket Stadium, starting March 3. I did.

There was uncertainty about the tour after team coach Mickey Arthur and batter Lahilti Limannne tested positive for COVID-19. The tour was confirmed after repeated tests with other members of the team.

Stockholm-Sweden government warns on Wednesday about the possibility of a local blockade for the first time in a pandemic as it fears a new wave after a rise in cases in some areas weeks after the relatively stable spread of the coronavirus. did.

Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren said the situation was still dire. There is a clear risk of the third wave.

Over the last few weeks, Sweden’s national figures have been declining slowly, but some regions are now increasing.

He added that Sweden did not plan to close today, but will not wait until it is too late.

Sweden has traditionally adopted moderately mild coronavirus restrictions without forced closures and has relied primarily on social distance from its own citizens and other means to combat pandemics.

UN-UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab has said he will call on the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution calling for a ceasefire in conflict zones to allow delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The UK says it risks excluding more than 160 million people from the coronavirus vaccine because it lives in countries suffering from conflict and instability, such as Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. I am.

No one is safe until everyone is safe, so it is in the interest of all nations to ensure vaccination of hostile areas and vulnerable people,” said Barbara Woodward, UN Ambassador to the United Kingdom. I emphasized that it would be.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Evrad said on Tuesday that Mexico would emphasize the importance of equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine in all countries at the council.

It was very important that the countries producing the vaccine had high immunization rates, but Latin American countries have problems getting doses.

Tokyo-A few months after other major economies, Japan began administering the first coronavirus vaccine to front-line healthcare professionals. Many are wondering if the campaign will reach a sufficient number of people and eventually save the Summer Olympics, which is already a year behind by the worst pandemic of the century.

Japanese officials are also aware that China, which has successfully eradicated the virus, will host the Winter Olympics next year and motivate it to host the Tokyo Olympics.

Many Japanese have not wanted to be vaccinated for many years due to concerns about the shortage of imported vaccines that Japan depends on and the fear of relatively rare side effects planted by the media.

Improved evidence shows that the outbreak is not very widespread. According to officials, the institute processed more than 17,000 individual tests on Tuesday and also analyzed sewage samples, but returned negative.

Cases in India have declined dramatically and evenly across the country for several months. However, the detection of the most infectious variants occurs in some nasty, but so far isolated outbreaks.

A group of more than 100 cases was detected in an apartment complex in Bangalore, southern India. Health officials have found another surge in various parts of Maharashtra, including the country’s financial capital, Mumbai.

Mexico City-Mexico has more than 2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 175,000 deaths, but authorities say the actual number is much higher due to the very low national testing rate. I admit that there are many.

To date, Mexico’s 175,986 test has confirmed the third highest number of deaths in the world after the United States and Brazil. However, the country’s estimated excess deaths in 2020 show that the actual number of deaths from pandemics exceeds 220,000.

And the number of excess deaths in January and early February, when the biggest wave of the incident struck, has not yet been announced.

Earlier this week, South Korea slightly relaxed its strict distance rules after the number of cases gradually declined over the course of several weeks. Restaurants, bars and cafes in the Seoul metropolitan area will be open for another hour, and curfew will be lifted to eat elsewhere.

The figures reported on Wednesday brought the total number of cases from the South Korean pandemic to 84,946, killing 1,538 people.

Melbourne, Australia-Australia’s second largest city has eased a third pandemic closure, and authorities say it has contained the epidemic of a hotel-centric coronavirus cluster.

The Victoria State Government has not yet announced whether spectators will be able to return to the Australian Open tennis tournament under the same conditions as before the five-day closing.

Each 16-foot (5 meter) wide dome can accommodate two patients and is connected by an inflatable walkway. According to the architect, the tube helps the air to circulate and can circulate 16 times an hour.

Developers around the world have devised other inflatable or pop-up structures to deal with the wave of COVID-19 patients. Some are for small wards, some are for patients, and some are for individuals.

According to researchers, the La Salle University version of Bogotá includes eight interconnected domes that can accommodate 16 patients and cost about $ 15,000. Units can be added or subtracted as needed.

New Orleans-Mardi Gras’ cheers have been subdued this year in New Orleans as authorities are trying to quell the coronavirus epidemic.

On the last weekend of the season, the bar was forced to close, the parade usually started 12 days before the big day, and Mayor LaToya Cantrell promised to crack down on a large number of people.

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is an annual pre-Lent holiday celebrated along most of the Gulf Coast and has the largest party in the powerful Catholic New Orleans. It is now believed that last year’s turmoil contributed to the early surge that made Louisiana a COVID-19 hotspot in the south.

Tourism officials are emphasizing the safety of those attending this year’s celebration, displaying home floats and attractions online to keep the city in the hearts of future tourists after the pandemic.

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