League of Legends: Who Akshan The Rogue Sentinel Is

League of Legends: Who Akshan The Rogue Sentinel Is

League of Legends’ new summer event Sentinels of Light is introducing new champion. Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, will be a powerful ally in battle.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has launched its summer event Sentinels of Light, bringing new content to League of Legends as well as Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and VALORANT.  Sentinels of Light brings unique skins, features and events to each game, as well as the opportunity for players to donate to charity through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. It will also release Akshan for players to enjoy, the first champion to be released across all four League of Legends games during an event.

Akshan, also known as the Rogue Sentinel, is a brand new League of Legends champion. He grew up an orphan on the street, eventually training to join the Sentinels so he could fight for justice. However, when his mentor was murdered, he became deadset on revenge. Though he is a member of the Sentinels, he retains a rogueish charm and plays by his own rules. Akshan is designed to be a foil to Viego, the ruined king set on destroying the world.

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The Rogue Sentinel is making a rolling entrance, coming to Legends of Runeterra July 14, Teamfight Tactics July 21, League of Legends on July 22, and League of Legends: Wild Rift July 27. He is both a marksman and assassin, and his primary tool is a powerful Sentinel weapon modified with a grappling hook. Developers at Riot Games designed Akshan to function both as a solo laner and powerful teammate, equipped with unique and desirable skills for players who select him as their champion.

What League of Legends’ Akshan Can Do

League of Legends Akshan in action

As a marksman assassin, Askhan is best used in the mid lane. His primary weapon is a gun rigged with a grappling hook, and his passive attack deals a burst of damage after every three hits. He also wields a boomerang that doles out damage and reveals enemies it hits, and he can swing on his grappling hook while firing his gun midair. His final ability, called Comeuppance, allows Akshan to channel power into his gun, unleashing a mass of stored bullets on a locked enemy. Comeuppance can be used while Akshan swings from his grappling hook, one of the few times in League of Legends a champion can use two special abilities at once.

Unlike most assassins in League of Legends, Akshan doesn’t have any form of crowd control or slow. These skills were sacrificed to give the Rogue Sentinel the power to revive teammates, making him strongest when his allies are being slain by an overpowered opponent. This is his Going Rogue special ability – when Akshan’s teammates are downed, their opponent is marked as a scoundrel. When he kills the scoundrel, Akshan gains additional gold and fallen teammates are resurrected. All told, Akshan is sure to shake up League of Legends gameplay and lore.

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