Legacies: Why Hope & Landon Can’t Ever Have Sex With Each Other

Legacies: Why Hope & Landon Can’t Ever Have Sex With Each Other

Legacies has spent 3 seasons focusing on Landon and Hope’s love story, so it’s surprising to see the finale seemingly confirm they can’t have sex.

Despite The Originals spinoff series Legacies focusing on the duo’s love story for most of its three seasons, the show’s season 3 finale has all but confirmed that its heroine Hope and her love interest Landon will never be able to have sex. Debuting in 2018, Legacies is the second spinoff of the CW’s smash hit The Vampire Diaries. Continuing the story of the show’s first spinoff, The Originals, Legacies follows the students at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, each of whom has a paranormal power they are beginning to discover.

At least, that is the plot of Legacies in theory. In practice, the series has received some fan backlash for mostly focusing on the story of Legacies’ heroine Hope and her dude-in-distress love interest Landon at the expense of giving compelling subplots to the show’s supporting cast. What makes this more unfortunate is the fact that as of its season 3 finale, Legacies has seemingly confirmed that Landon and Hope will never be able to have sex.

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The reasoning for this was not explicitly outlined in the show, but the lore of Legacies makes it a pretty unavoidable conclusion. Although Legacies appeared to briefly forget this fact between seasons 1 and 3, Hope can heal people thanks to her unique set of supernatural abilities. The season 3 finale saw Hope try using this power to save Clarke’s life, but the character helpfully noted that her blood is most likely toxic to him as he is Malivore’s son. Landon is also Malivore’s son (and a phoenix/human), so it stands to reason that Hope’s blood is toxic to him, too. By this logic, the rest of her would probably be pretty unsafe to Landon’s health and wellbeing if they got too intimate, meaning the pair can’t merge/fuse without risking his life.

Legacies hope and landon the vampire diaries

This revelation could come as crushing news for some Hope/Landon fans, as much because of how heavily the series has focused on their love story over the rest of its subplots. Legacies has repeatedly sidelined the stories of other characters to bring the series back to Landon and Hope, and learning that the pair can never be together (intimately, at least) is an odd way to end the drawn-out story. That said, all hope is not lost for the pair. For one thing, Hope has not yet accessed the vampire part of her powers (or their full extent, at least), meaning there is no way for viewers to know if her blood will always be toxic to Landon forever. For another, the pair have at least canonically kissed without incident, meaning at least some bodily fluids can be exchanged safely between them.

Moreover, the fact that the duo seemingly can’t be intimate together gives Hope and Landon a compelling reason to either break up for good or pledge themselves to each other regardless of this outcome, which would bring an end to their repetitive “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic. Legacies has recently started to flesh out Landon’s story more, and forcing him and Hope to either commit or call it quits by addressing the question of their potentially perilous intimacy could finally see the series grow out of this plotline (or make the story as compelling as it was in the show’s early days). Regardless, the news that Hope and Landon can’t necessarily have sex could be the making of Legacies or at least spell the end of the show’s longest-lasting storyline to date.

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