Leonard Ignelzi renowned AP photographer

Known as Lenny he was a highly versatile photojournalist whose biggest passions were sports and breaking news.

His images of the U.S.-Mexico border showed San Diegos transformation from dominant corridor for illegal crossings to fortress of razor-topped walls and stadium lights.

Deep knowledge a tireless work ethic and fierce determination were ingredients of his success.
And he was insanely fabulously over-the-top competitive. I learned a huge amount just watching him work seeing how he attacked stories.

J. David Ake assistant managing editor and director of photography at the AP echoed that sentiment.

He knew his town he knew the story and he knew how to tell it with a camera Ake wrote to AP staff.

Ignelzi disliked that some of his best photos portrayed human suffering.
Maybe thats why sports is a good thing in that its more positive Ignelzi said in a career retrospective on San Diegos KPBS-TV in 2014.

Its not the end of the world.

For decades Ignelzi organized an annual golf tournament to raise money for people with disabilities inspired by a friend whose daughter has Down syndrome.

Hoffman the former Padres closer who signed photographs for the charity auction said Ignelzi always thought about others.

Ignelzi keenly anticipated what might happen on and off the field.

Rick Smith the Chargers public relations boss at the time hung Ignelzis picture of the moment in his office.

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