Liz Cheney responds to criticism over fist bumping Biden

Liz Cheney responds to criticism over fist bumping Biden

Republican Liz Cheney, who was attacked by a Republican colleague in support of Dr. Donald Trump’s accusations, was fired again this week after giving a friendly greeting to President Joe Biden in a parliamentary speech.

I disagree with W / 8 Jobiden’s policy, but when the President arrives in the US House of Representatives meeting room to welcome me, I always respond with citizenship, respect, and dignity, Cheney said on Thursday. Tweeted that night.

The two struck a handful in the House of Representatives Wednesday night, where he submitted his first speech to a joint session of the United States Congress.

We are from different political parties. We are not cursing our enemies. We are Americans, said Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Republicans were also seen chatting with Caucasus chairman and South Carolina Democrat James Cliburn.

Cheney reiterated this week that Republicans need to move forward from working with Trump. He was a critic of the presidency and was the target of the former president and his supporters. Trump identified him as “warm” and urged Republicans to dismiss him.

Republicans in Wyoming also criticized Biden, accusing him of “failing the American people” and “pursuing dangerous and divisive policies to appease the left” before addressing Congress.

But a handful he shared with Biden caught the attention of critics such as Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr. has shared a congratulatory tweet blaming Cheney among Republican supporters of the Trump Circle.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell also addressed Cheney, who has been openly defending himself in the face of aggressive attacks from the far right.

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