Loki Art Imagines the God of Mischief Wielding Dual Lightsabers

Loki Art Imagines the God of Mischief Wielding Dual Lightsabers

New fan art mashes up Loki with another Disney property, Star Wars, as Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief wields dual lightsabers, both red and green.


New Loki fan art imagines the God of Mischief wielding dual lightsabers. Marvel’s third series on Disney+ follows a 2012-era variant of Tom Hiddleston’s titular character after absconding with the Tesseract during the Avenger’s time heist in Endgame. Loki’s first solo outing sees him apprehended by the mysterious Time Variance Authority, and quickly forges a bond with one of their agents named Mobius (Owen Wilson). Throughout his time-faring journey, Loki has crossed paths with numerous variants of himself, opening whole new cans of worms for the series.

With the MCU series airing its finale this week, the hype surrounding Loki is at an all-time high. Throughout its five episodes thus far, fans have enjoyed getting to know the God of Mischief, one of the MCU’s more complex characters who is neither fully good nor evil. Episode 5, “Journey into Mystery,” increased Loki’s level of interconnectivity within the MCU with Thanos, Mjolnir, and Throg Easter eggs. For fans, Loki has extended beyond the MCU, with art imagining Mobius living out his jet ski dreams in Pixar’s Luca. Now, Loki is crossing over with another Disney property.

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A new piece of fan art mashes up Marvel’s Loki with Star Wars. The crossover, which was made possible by user mizuriau on Instagram, imagines Hiddleston’s God of Mischief wielding dual lightsabers, one with green lightsabers and one with red, representing the good and evil sides of the character. Check out the Loki/Star Wars fan art below:

Click here to see the fan art

Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Studios in 2009, followed by Lucasfilm in 2012, there has been a link between the two. The bond between Star Wars and the MCU grew stronger when Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, was revealed to be developing a Star Wars project. The project is being developed along with Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer, Michael Waldron.

As a self-described die-hard Star Wars fan, Feige has been sprinkling references throughout the MCU since 2011’s Iron Man 3, as a character in every film since then has lost a limb à la Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, to Spider-Man mentioning the film by name in Captain America: Civil War. Loki has also been littered with Star Wars homages, such as Sylvie and Loki’s confrontation with the Time-Keepers, which was eerily reminiscent of the throne room scene from The Last Jedi. Since a full-on Star Wars-MCU crossover may never be in the cards, fans will have to settle for fan art and Easter eggs.

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Source: mizuriau

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