Loki Composer Wants to Work on a Star Wars Movie

Loki Composer Wants to Work on a Star Wars Movie

Natalie Holt has received acclaim for her otherworldly compositions in Loki; could the MCU composer soon make her way into the Star Wars universe?

Natalie Holt, the composer for Disney+’s latest original series Loki, has expressed interest in scoring a Star Wars project. Loki originally released for streaming last month and has since proven itself to be one of the streaming service’s most popular original releases. With both Marvel and Star Wars properties thriving on the platform, cross-pollination has been commonplace for cast and crew working on both franchises – most notably, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Loki writer Michael Waldron are set to collaborate on a Star Wars movie in the distant future.

Loki is Natalie Holt’s first foray into composing for a blockbuster franchise like the MCU, but her compositions have nevertheless been a massive success. Loki‘s score has been lauded as one of the MCU’s best, boasting unorthodox instrumentation and ear-catching melodies that uniquely capture the peculiar oddities of the show’s universe-hopping narrative. The final two episodes of Loki are set to feature a 32-person choir, making it far and away the most bombastic score of the three released Disney+ MCU series.

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Holt herself seemed more than enthused at the prospect of helming a Star Wars project. In response to a fan’s tweet that proposed the idea, the composer responded “Oh my…yes please!!!!!” You can check out her tweet for yourself down below:

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With Loki under her belt, Holt seems well-equipped to now handle a sweeping space fantasy like Star Wars in the near future. Additionally, Holt would not be the first composer to make the jump from the MCU into a galaxy far, far away. Michael Giacchino held that title first, having scored Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story back-to-back in 2016. Ludwig Göransson’s jump from Black Panther into The Mandalorian is another notable example. That’s all to say that there is certainly precedent for such a transition.

Given the effusive reactions that Holt’s Loki score has received, it’s all but likely that she will return to score future Disney IPs whether or not Star Wars is in the cards. Hopefully Lucasfilm catches wind of Holt’s interest and finds a suitable project for her to flourish in. Like Göransson, Holt has a unique musical diction that would help take Star Wars music into fresh and uncharted territory. Until then, audiences can look forward to hearing the remainder of her Loki score (along with the epic 32-person choir) in the show’s season finale next week.

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