Loki Episode 3 Ending: How Loki & Sylvie Escape The Moon Theories

Loki Episode 3 Ending: How Loki & Sylvie Escape The Moon Theories

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Loki episode 3, “Lamentis.” 

Loki and Sylvie are trapped on the moon Lamentis-1, facing the apocalypse, in Loki episode 3’s ending – so just how will they manage to escape? At the end of Loki episode 2, the God of Mischief decided to follow Lady Loki (now confirmed to be called Sylvie) through a time portal. After a fight between themselves and a run-in with the TVA, they manage to escape to Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, although escape is not quite the operative word, as they’re out of the frying pan and into the planet-destroying apocalypse.

Of course, they wouldn’t be Lokis if they didn’t have various tricks and plans up their sleeves, and both variants do their best to figure out a way out of this particular mess. Unfortunately for them, though fittingly in keeping with Loki’s many MCU failures, nothing they attempt actually succeeds. That means, come the end of the episode, they too are facing destruction.

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Except, of course, that can’t happen. Loki is only halfway through its run of episodes and, even if this were later in the season, it would still be unlikely that the fates of the characters would be to die on Lamentis-1. There’s still plenty of story to tell with Loki, Sylvie, and the TVA, which means they have to be able to get off the moon. The question is whether they will be able to save themselves, whether someone else will save them, or if things aren’t really as they seem anyway.

Mobius Arrives In The Nick Of Time

Loki Episode 2 Mobius

Loki and Sylvie’s journey to Lamentis-1 does at least have one upside, which is that it helps them shake the TVA agents on their tail. That’s in-part because the entire organization has been plunged into chaos by Lady Loki’s decision to bomb the timeline, but also because, while on the moon, the pair don’t actually alter things. Because they can’t prevent the apocalypse, then things are playing out as they’re supposed to, and so the TVA wouldn’t be alerted to their location. Whether that remains the case, though, is another matter.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if the TVA had other means of keeping tabs on Loki, given just how valuable an asset he is and how much of a flight risk they knew him to be. Even if they don’t affect the timeline on Lamentis-1, it’s still possible the TVA could find them before they’re destroyed. The most likely candidate in this is Mobius M. Mobius, who has developed a working relationship with and seemingly a genuine fondness for Loki. The God of Mischief is very much his responsibility, and so he would do whatever it takes to find him – while other TVA agents have plenty to occupy them, it’s likely that finding Loki would be Mobius’ priority. That might not be a bad thing though: it’s clear the TVA isn’t what it seems, and Mobius himself is a variant (even if he doesn’t know it). If he did become self-aware enough to realize something was amiss, then he could rescue Loki and Sylvie and eventually join forces with them.

Another Loki Variant Intervenes

Loki Episode 2 Bearded Loki Variant

Another possibility is that Loki and Sylvie are saved by one of the many other Loki variants who exist in the MCU. Several of these were glimpsed in Loki episode 1, and it’s believed that most of them have been pruned from the timeline by the TVA. Most, but not all. Sylvie herself shows that some other Loki variants still exist, and the trailers and casting for Loki has hinted at a couple more who have yet to be witnessed. There’s President Loki, a version of the character lifted from Marvel Comics’ Vote Loki miniseries, and also the Old Loki supposedly being played by Richard E. Grant. Each is expected to have a significant role in things, and so them turning up as the show enters its second half would make sense.

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For President Loki, it is of course very possible that this is just the main Loki in a new guise, but if not then he is a possible salvation. Old Loki would obviously have to be different, so may be a more likely contender. It’s unclear exactly what this take on the character would want, but there are various theories, including him working for the Time-Keepers or being behind the entire TVA himself. Loki is a man out of time, after all, and if Old Loki is running things then it may explain why this variant has been kept alive, allowing him to maintain the Loki of the Sacred Timeline (though whether or not he can ever return to it is another matter). Old Loki would presumably possess a great amount of power across the timeline and multiverse, so him saving Loki and Sylvie would likely be within his capabilities, if this were to be the case.

It’s All An Enchantment Anyway

Loki Enchanted By Sylvie

Of course, the idea that Loki and Sylvie will require saving hinges on the notion that the events of Loki episode 3 really happened, and there’s enough to suggest that isn’t the case. There are a couple of possibilities with this, though along similar lines: either Sylvie enchanted Loki and everything was her trick, or vice versa. For the former, then this would fit with her character, who is seemingly an amalgamation of Lady Loki and Sylvie Lushton, the second Enchantress in Marvel Comics.While she fights with Loki, she obviously has some use for him since she allows him to follow her through the time portal in episode 2.

Since both characters desire to find the Time-Keepers (though with different end goals), then there is some alignment, so working together wouldn’t be the worst strategy. Sylvie could be enchanting Loki in order to make him realize her path is the right one, to force him into revealing the true TemPad (since it’s not a stretch to imagine he faked its destruction), or give up other TVA secrets he’s learned. Lady Loki would seemingly have the powers to pull off such a trick, and it would be an ironic twist given Loki mocked the idea of being influenced earlier in the episode, claiming his mind was too strong. It wasn’t for the Mind Stone, and so it’d be amusing – and very much in character – for him to fall to it here.

On the flip side, it could equally work to have Loki enchanting Sylvie. There’s a lot of talk about his magical abilities in episode 3, and even a display of telekinetic power that is on a much greater scale than anything seen from him before in the MCU as he stops a building falling on them. There are some odd moments in Loki episode 3, including his getting drunk and singing, that could all be part of the performative act, and given his powers – and seeing Sylvie’s own enchanting tricks previously – then it wouldn’t be beyond him to go one better and create an illusion on such a big scale to trick her. Loki wants to do things his way, so showing he is in control and faking Lady Loki out with the apocalypse as a means to do that could help him get what he wants from her and, ultimately, the Time-Keepers.

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