Loki Episode 5 Was To Be All Loki Variants Vs Alioth

Loki Episode 5 Was To Be All Loki Variants Vs Alioth

Loki writer Eric Martin reveals that Classic Loki sacrificing himself to help Loki and Sylvie beat Alioth wasn’t the original plan for the scene.

Loki joins up with Mobius and Sylvie who self-pruned herself to reach the Void and find Loki. Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki join the trio to come up with a plan to defeat Alioth, who is protecting the mastermind behind the Time Variance Authority. While the three Lokis refuse to leave the Void as it is their home and Mobius returns to the TVA to burn it to the ground, Loki and Sylvie proceed to enchant Alioth. But just as they find themselves failing against his immense power, Classic Loki comes to their aid and creates an illusion of Asgard, thus distracting Alioth who devours him and his creation. But the diversion is enough for Loki and Sylvie to successfully enchant Alioth and discover what lies beyond the end of time. 

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While Classic Loki sacrifices himself for a rather far noble “glorious purpose,” that’s not how it was initially supposed to play out. Eric Martin, the writer of Episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” recently took to Twitter to share that Episode 5’s writer, Tom Kauffman, had a different plan. Check out Martin’s tweet explaining the original plan below: 

Though Richard E. Grant bowing out as Classic Loki just after one episode has saddened Marvel fans, it was a much better trajectory for the story of the God of Mischief. By sacrificing himself, Classic Loki proved that all the Lokis are much more than just their selfish motives, trickery, and deceptive charm. They are heroes at the end of the day. 

But it is still possible for the remaining Loki variants to join hands and work as a team. Episode 5 ended with Loki and Sylvie finding a massive spooky castle after they enchant Alioth. Whether it is hiding Kang the Conqueror or any other nasty villain from the expansive stock of antagonists Marvel has, the duo will need all the help they can find. While it’s not been revealed if President Loki managed to survive the chaos in the bunker, Loki and Sylvie would definitely want Kid Loki on their team. After all, he actually managed to kill Thor, so there is no telling what other tricks he has up his sleeve.

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Source: Eric Martin 

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