Loki Trailer Shows Sylvie As A Child In The TVA

Loki Trailer Shows Sylvie As A Child In The TVA

Marvel has revealed new details about Sylvie’s history with the TVA in a new Loki trailer, which shows her being apprehended as a young child.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Loki.

A new Loki trailer has revealed more details about Sylvie’s past, showing her being brought to the TVA as a child. Though she was kept a secret leading up to the show’s release, Sylvie has quickly become one of Loki’s main characters, and certainly one of its most interesting. However, there’s still a lot about the Loki variant that has yet to be revealed.

Sylvie doesn’t properly appear in Loki until the end of episode 2. Up until that point, all that’s known is that another Loki variant has been ambushing TVA hunter squads, stealing their equipment, and wreaking havoc on the timeline. In Loki episode 3, Sylvie reveals a lot more about herself and her plans. She says that she’s spent most of her life running from the TVA, and that her plan to destroy the Time-Keepers has been years in the making. It’s clear that Sylvie detests the TVA, even calling them fascists at one point, but the show has yet to reveal the details of her history with the organization, and why she hates it so much.

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In a new mid-season Loki trailer focused on Sylvie, Marvel Entertainment has given some new clues to that backstory. The trailer shows actors Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie) discussing the character, interspersed with some new clips from upcoming episodes. At one point, there’s a shot of a young girl in Asgardian garb – presumably Sylvie – being escorted through one of the TVA’s time doors. Check out the Loki trailer below.

The trailer seems to confirm the popular theory that Sylvie’s timeline branch was erased by the TVA, sending her on a path of vengeance. She also reveals in episode 3 that all the TVA’s agents are actually brainwashed variants, which means she too may have been forced to serve the Time-Keepers for some portion of her life. So far, the Time-Keepers’ habit of destroying whole variant universes has been treated rather flippantly. Now, it looks like Loki will giving those decisions some much heavier stakes.

In a different new shot in the trailer, Sylvie makes a comment to Loki that seems to be about the Sacred Timeline, and how unnatural she believes it to be. “The universe wants to break free,” she says, “so it manifests chaos. Like me.” It seems that Sylvie truly is serving a glorious purpose – freeing the multiverse from the Time-Keeper’s oppressive control. And with Loki on her side, she might have everything she needs to take the TVA down.

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