Love After Lockup: Rachel Hints at Breakup With Doug

Love After Lockup: Rachel Hints at Breakup With Doug

Rachel and Doug recently made their introduction on Love After Lockup, but it looks like the couple didn’t make it together and parted ways.

It looks like Love After Lockup couple Rachel and Doug might not make it to the end. What viewers are currently seeing is the married couple adjust to living together for the first time post-Doug’s prison stint. However, Rachel’s recent social media activity is already hinting at a breakup between the two with Doug moving on with an ex-girlfriend.

Rachel boasted about the four Bs Doug was waiting for upon his release from federal prison. The pair met while Doug was serving a second sentence following his 2015 arrest that came just 40 days after his first prison release. With Doug only being a free adult man for a short period of time, life out of prison is a new experience for him. Between their phone calls while Doug was still incarcerated, and their behavior following his release, it’s clear that Doug wears the pants in the relationship. With this being Rachel’s second time dating an inmate following a messy end to her last relationship, Rachel’s friends are worried she might end up heartbroken again.

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Rachel and Doug are still a happy couple based on how many episodes have aired so far. But with season four being filmed months ago, Rachel recently appeared to confirm where she and Doug stand at the present time. While she still refers to her wedding day with Doug as “one of the happiest days ever,” Rachel recently reposted a photo showing Doug kissing another woman, as captured by Merry Pants. In the revealing pic, Doug is holding up a woman as they passionately kiss. “Our journey over the last 12 years has been rough to say the least, but I never doubted our path would come together,” a caption from the alleged new girlfriend read.

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It went on to touch on the journey Doug apparently had with the new mystery woman and how excited she is to be with him. “We went through alot to get to one another but I’m excited to see all the places we will go now that the sun has risen for us,” the caption continued. According to Starcasm, Rachel and Doug have been on the outs for some time. Court documents show that Rachel filed for divorce from Doug last November, but it fizzled out by March. Just last month, Rachel refiled for divorce, requesting a dissolution of their marriage.

Considering the spoiler alert on Instagram and Rachel’s reported divorce filing, it looks like she and Doug weren’t able to have a happy ending. But it’s nice that she still speaks highly of their time together and was open enough to share their relationship journey on the show. However, there are many Love After Lockup fans who aren’t surprised by the breakup news and think Doug just used Rachel for affection and a nice home to get released to.

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Source: Merry PantsStarcasm

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