Love Island USA: Shannon Blasts Genevieve For Exposing Her Dating Past

Love Island USA: Shannon Blasts Genevieve For Exposing Her Dating Past

Shannon St Claire revealed that she fought with Genevieve Shawcross on Love Island USA because Genny had exposed Shannon’s dating past to Josh.

Shannon St Claire revealed that her Love Island USA fight with Genevieve Shawcross happened because Genny had exposed graphic details about Shannon’s relationship with an ex-boyfriend to Josh Goldstein. Shannon and the other OG female islanders moved into Casa Amor for a few days, but her head was never turned away from Josh. In turn, Josh also kept his head in place at all times. Alas, there was some drama involving Josh that took place after Casa Amor.

Only two new Casa Amor girls made it to the main Love Island USA villa: Genevieve Shawcross and Leslie Golden. But as all the islanders reunited under the same roof, the OG boys were surprised by how Genny and Leslie were acting after the Casa Amor twist was over. On the show, the boys seemed to be bothered by Genny and Leslie acting “raunchy” in the villa, but it wasn’t entirely clear where that sentiment was coming from. Now, Shannon and Josh have provided some context for what really happened between Shannon and Genny behind the scenes.

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During their exit interview with After The Island (full video below), Shannon St Claire and Josh Goldstein discussed their fight with Genevieve Shawcross in full detail. “Genny and I are good. [She’s] actually my little sister’s… she used to be friends with Genny,” Shannon started. “When I was away at Casa Amor, [Genny] was airing out my dirty laundry with a previous man that I was with, in very, very raunchy details – very private, intimate details – that not only would I not want America or any of these people to know, but especially not Josh.” She then turned to ATI co-hosts Elizabeth Weber and Alexandra Stewart and asked, “Could you imagine a girl from your hometown coming in and just airing out all these personal details about your life to the guy that you’re falling for? It was so not her place.”

Josh then pitched in, noting that Genny’s statements started to affect his relationship with Shannon on Love Island USA. He explained that Genny’s “raunchy” retelling of Shannon’s dating past made him and the other islanders uncomfortable. Josh said that this was the reason why they brought up to Genny that her statements in the villa were making people feel uneasy. Shannon added, “I said this to Genny, ‘You’re sabotaging my relationship with Josh.’ First of all, it has nothing to do with the show. I have no idea why you’d bring up things from my past. It was absolutely a nightmare. And obviously they did not air any of that.” Alex pointed out that this background story definitely explained the “raunchy” discourse that came up on the show.

Toward the end of their interview, Shannon revealed that her reconciliation with Genny on the show was “a little bit fake” and “over the top.” Shannon also said that she isn’t sure if Genny went on Love Island to actually find a connection. Otherwise, Shannon revealed that she knew that Genny had applied to be on the show, but she was shocked to see Genny make it that far into the casting. In fact, before going on the show, Shannon had blocked Genny’s phone number.

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Sources: After The Island on YouTube

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