Many Democrats are angry at Trump’s acquittal, but President Biden just wants to move on

Many Democrats are angry at Trump’s acquittal, but President Biden just wants to move on

From Washington-President Joe Biden bowed on Saturday afternoon during the impeachment trial of his predecessor, who was acquitted by Donald Trump.

And now it can’t move fast enough.

Biden is visiting Wisconsin and Michigan this week to tackle the challenge of achieving or destroying his presidency, defeating a pandemic and reviving a sick economy.

Changing the tone as well as the topic of conversation can be as difficult as tackling the coronavirus. It was also the central promise of his campaign.

Delaware Senator Chris Coons, Biden’s close friend, is important to prevent the trial from being postponed indefinitely when Democrats try to call witnesses Saturday morning. Played a role.

The trial came to a natural conclusion, Coons said on Sunday in ABC’s appearance this week with George Stephanopoulos.

Biden will spend this week focusing on passing a pandemic bailout bill in Congress, as he did throughout the proceedings.

He talks to Americans about the health and economic crisis the country is facing at CNN Town Hall in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Biden will visit the Pfizer facility in western Michigan, which is pumping the COVID-19 vaccine.

Public and private promotion of the pandemic bailout may also include a prominent meeting in the Oval Office before Biden finishes the week of talking to foreign leaders at the Munich Security Conference virtual meeting on Friday. It is expected.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on CBS News Face the Nation Sunday that he had already had a good conversation with President Biden and had a great conversation about his point of view. Trump called Johnson the British Trump, but in mid-November he signaled that he was moving forward and ready to work with Biden on climate change and other issues.

But if Biden is accepted by foreign leaders who were friends with Trump, he can get support from the Republicans for his legislative priorities, especially after the raw sentiment caused by the trial. I don’t know if it is.

Congressman Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat in California, said what she saw in the Senate today was a timid Republican group. She specifically denied Trump’s acquittal after conviction by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

It was a very false speech, Pelosi said. And unfortunately I say this because I always want to work at the direction of the other person.

Stacey Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands, who served as a prosecutor in the Senate trial, also complained to Republicans and told CNN that “more thorny senators” needed to be convicted. Told.

Pelosi called for the creation of a committee similar to the one investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further investigate the facts, causes and safety associated with the January 6 terrorist attacks.

Koons supported the idea on Sunday.

I think we have to spend months digging up all the evidence that could be obtained through a 9.11 style committee, he said of ABC.

Still, Biden is in the same committee position as when Trump was charged and asked if he should be convicted.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said on Friday that it was up to Congress.

Biden, who closed his mouth about the impeachment process on the morning of a walk on the lawn of the White House on Friday, saw his wife’s Valentine’s Day decoration and obscured a small opinion about the impeachment process. Healing, “compassion”, “courage”.

Biden wants to know what his Republican friends are doing when they stand up, Biden told reporters.

Biden waited more than six hours before intervening after Trump was acquitted in a 57-43 vote on Saturday.

In his statement since the president’s retreat at Camp David, Biden is of those who have died or are still addressing the fear of living through the day the US Capitol was attacked. He said he was thinking about it. Appeared. The courage to protect the integrity of our democracy before and after the election.

Biden included in his compliments a Republican who emphasized election managers, judges, elected representatives, and voting workers.

He also emphasized the bipartisan nature of the final vote, in which seven Republican senators voted with the Democrats to convict Trump. And Biden said Republican leaders were responsible for morally and practically triggering an uprising on Capitol Hill, even though Kentucky Republican McConnell voted acquittal. ..

According to Biden, all Americans are responsible for supporting the truth, defeating lies, and ending this non-civic war.

And that is the work we have to undertake together, he concludes, as the United States.

The promise of Biden’s transpartisan campaign was not a political tactic, it was part of who he was, said Rahm Emanuel, president of President Barack Obama.

So Emmanuel needs to discuss ABC and in the Wall Street Journal editorial on Sunday, Biden needs to win multiple bipartisan victories on his scorecard.

Emmanuel told ABC that credibility as CEO is key. You cannot attack the character.

However, Republicans can be motivated to emphasize their opposition to Biden when trying to talk about things other than Trump.

We need to look forward to the idea of ​​our party, especially in contrast to the Biden / Harris administration, of the seven Republicans who voted for Trump’s conviction. One of them, Senator Bill Cassidy, told ABC. He cited, as an example, Republican opposition to Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the trial helped Biden because Republicans were unable to respond to what we believed was inappropriate for the country.

When the Republicans returned, he told ABC, “It’s time for the Republicans to talk again about what they believe.

Trump could distract the Republicans through state and federal civil and criminal investigations into the former president’s taxes, election funds, and business operations. In addition, McConnell suggested that Trump could be criminally liable for the January 6 violence.

And if a special committee is created, it could reveal more evidence of damaging Trump.

When House managers wanted to call witnesses to spread the impeachment, Coons agreed with Republican agreement on comments made by Trump during the riot, and Republican Rep. Jamie Herrera Butler. Advised to record a statement from.

They may have had an additional 500 witnesses. Koons told ABC that he didn’t change the outcome. All we all needed was Republican courage.

But Koons said there is still evidence that Americans need to hear and deserve to hear, even if they see the basis for further legal action against Trump.

But at the same time, Mr. Koons said Congress must work with Biden to defeat the coronavirus and focus on revitalizing the economy.

He said the stage of responsibility has now moved to court, and we must move forward in Congress.

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