Married At First Sight: Chris Weighs In On Virginia & Jake’s Nasty Feud

Married At First Sight: Chris Weighs In On Virginia & Jake’s Nasty Feud

Through Instagram, Chris brought fans and followers into the argument between Jake and Virginia, using his stories as a platform for criticism.

Infamous for his online rants, Married at First Sight star Chris Williams used social media to share his opinions on the conflict between Jake Harder and Virginia Coombs. Constantly engaging in arguments and MAFS related drama, both on and off-screen, Chris has become an active participant in the reality television community, becoming a spokesperson for all things involving season 12 of Married at First Sight. Despite the season having ended, Chris and the rest of the cast still seem to have unfinished business with one another, drudging up grudges, unsaid words, and sudden alliances that were not present on-screen. 

Last week, MAFS stars Jake and Virginia exchanged harsh comments on Instagram. From crude references about Jake’s body to presumptions about his marriage to Haley, Virginia made a number of unfounded, immature comments. What could have been a casual disagreement between the two turned into an explosive, divisive stream of statements. While Jake tried to put a quick stop to Virginia’s social media barrage, fans and cast members have taken to social media to unpack the validity of these comments and the intentions behind the remarks made by both Jake and Virginia. 

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Through Instagram, Chris used his story to engage in yet another argument on social media. Known for his overshares and constant involvement in many of the most chaotic exchanges on his season of MAFS, Chris returned to social media to meddle and to explain his perspective on the comments between Jake and Virginia. Only adding to the conflict involving these two members of the cast, Chris posted a poll to his Instagram story asking followers to choose who they thought handled the situation better, Jake or Virginia. With plenty of tension already surrounding the situation, Chris continued to keep the animosity and hateful comments alive. Fans even went as far as to call Virginia “racist.” Chris quickly came to her defense, commenting back that “SHE IS NOT RACIST! SHE IS PRO-BLACK LIVES!!”

Chris has since removed this thread of stories from his social media. The reason behind these posts’ disappearance is uncertain. Whether it be between Paige, his ex, or the rest of the cast, Chris has used Instagram to fuel unneeded anger online. Progressing quickly from criticizing the behavior of Virginia on season 12 to being pronounced “racist” by fans, Chris’ post fueled the flames of this petty argument between Jake and Virginia, allowing fans to make wildly outrageous claims about the stars of Married at First Sight.  

From day one of season 12, Chris has been unable to avoid conflict or let any disagreement be put to rest. Chris’ active presence on social media has only emphasized his immaturity and involvement in MAFS gossip, despite Chris’ criticism of Paige for speaking about the series after filming concluded. Whether or not Virginia’s comments about Jake were valid, the biggest concerns stem from Chris’ intrusion in almost every social media argument involving Married at First Sight and the hypocrisy in nearly all of his comments. 

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