Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Versions Of The Hulk

Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Versions Of The Hulk

The Hulk from the MCU is known for his staggering strength and smarts, but what are the most powerful versions of the iconic character?

The Hulk is one of the strongest Avengers in the MCU, but there are a wide variety of versions of the character in Marvel Comics that haven’t yet been seen onscreen. Some are more powerful than others, with a few of them arguably ranking among the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

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The Hulk has evolved considerably since his debut in The Incredible Hulk #1 in 1962, not only changing colors several times but exploring new powers and forms in different versions of comic continuity. Other Hulks like the She-Hulk emerged in later years, competing for the title of the most powerful version of them all.

10 Gray Hulk

The first version of the Hulk – the Gray Hulk – was very powerful, but the least powerful in terms of his successors. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby during their historic creative run early in the Marvel Universe, the first Hulk was very strong but not very fast or agile. He wasn’t particularly smart, either, losing all of the brainpower of Bruce Banner when he transformed. The dichotomy between the intellect of Banner and the brawn of the Hulk would dominate the evolution of the character going forward.

9 The Incredible Hulk

Hulk punches Abomination in the face.

The Incredible Hulk is one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics. The green version most people think of when they think of the Hulk is generally stronger than his gray predecessor. He is also much more agile and can jump enormous distances. The color of the character was changed in the second issue of the series in 1962 because the colorist, Stan Goldberg, had trouble realizing the gray color given the limitations of the era. The Gray Hulk would eventually return to the comics years later.

8 She-Hulk

It’s debatable whether or not She-Hulk is stronger than the Green Hulk. Jennifer Walters received a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, giving her most of his powers. Unlike him, she retains her intellect in the Hulk form and her super strength in human form. She has shown at various points to be as strong as him, including when she goes into a berserker rampage. The question of who is stronger is likely a storyline from the comics that the upcoming Disney+ She-Hulk series could use.

7 The Professor

Professor Hulk is Superman Comparison

Some versions of the Hulk in the comics have integrated Banner’s brains and Hulk’s strength. One of the most powerful was Professor Hulk, who emerged when the individual traits of the Hulk merged into one being during Peter David’s landmark run on the title in the early 90s.

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Professor Hulk embodied all of the strength, smarts, and potential of every version of the character to that point. He also provided the basis for the Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame.

6 Maestro

Maestro Hulk

Another major version of the Hulk to emerge from the Peter David run is the Maestro. This evil version of the Hulk is one of the strongest and smartest of them all. The Maestro Hulk gained increased strength and endurance from additional gamma-ray exposure, and his power led him to kill off every other superhero on the planet. Suffice to say Maestro hails from one of the darkest future timelines of Marvel Comics, debuting in the Future Imperfect mini-series back in 1992.

5 Green Scar

Green Scar is the alias of the Hulk while he was living and fighting as a gladiator on the planet Sakaar. He became one of the most powerful Hulks during his time on the alien world, where his strength and power increased along with this fighting prowess in the arena. Green Scar eventually fought his way to the throne of Sakaar, defeating many powerful alien beings along the way. He emerged in the iconic Planet Hulk storyline, which later inspired aspects of Thor: Ragnarok.

4 Red Hulk

Red Hulk breathing fire.

The Red Hulk has all of Hulk’s powers and then some. He can absorb radiation from other people, increasing his strength and power, but this has limits. The Red Hulk can literally overheat, sometimes absorbing so much power that it burns off in exhaust. He’s been shown to be much more powerful than the regular Hulk, effectively defeating him in battle. Bruce Banner was only able to survive by using the Red Hulk’s weakness against him and overloading the creature, who is actually General “Thunderbolt” Ross.

3 Kluh


The Gray Hulk emerged again in the form of Kluh, a supremely powerful version of the character that the Hulk had long repressed in his psyche. All anger and power, Kluh defeated one of the strongest Avengers rosters ever during the AXIS comic book event back in 2014.

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Not only was Kluh more powerful than other versions of the Hulk, but he could also regenerate – something that would become key in later versions – and use telekinesis.

2 The Immortal Hulk

The Hulk consumes a scientist

The Immortal Hulk is one of the most powerful versions of the character thanks to his inability to die. The end result of the Devil Hulk persona suppressing all the others in Banner’s mind, the reincarnated Hulk discovers that his power and the power of all gamma-irradiated beings like the She-Hulk comes from a being called The One Below All. This Hulk has super fast regenerative capabilities and effectively cannot be killed, coming back to life even after the most horrific deaths.

1 World Breaker Hulk

Hulk Breaker of Worlds Immortal 26

The World Breaker Hulk is arguably the most powerful because he did exactly what his name says. He destroyed the entire east coast of the United States of America and would have destroyed the entire planet if not for the intervention of Sentry, the leader and one of the most powerful members of the Squadron Supreme.

This Hulk returned to Earth furious after his family was seemingly killed on Sakaar, their deaths the result of the destruction of the ship the Avengers exiled him in during Planet Hulk. World Breaker Hulk was also able to resist the power of Black Bolt of the Inhumans as well as virtually every other superhero on Earth at the time.

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