Marvel Explains How the MCU’s Coolest Weapon Could Work in Real Life

Marvel Explains How the MCU’s Coolest Weapon Could Work in Real Life

The MCU introduced one of the coolest weapons – Yondu Udonta’s Yaka arrow. Marvel’s newest issue of Silk shows how this arrow could become a reality.

Warning: contains major spoilers for Silk #4!

In the MCUMarvel introduced audiences to the Yaka arrow – a weapon that Yondu Udonta uses in Guardians of the Galaxy. This arrow is one of the coolest that has been seen in the MCU. Now, in Silk #4, technology is used in a way that could make this kind of arrow exist in real life.

Yondu Udonta is a Centaurian whose weapon of choice is the Yaka arrow. The arrow is made of Yaka metal and it responds to whistled commands. These whistles are produced using frequencies that can only be created by Centaurians. Yaka arrows are specialized to the inhabitants of Centauri-IV, like Yondu, making it unlikely that it could ever be used effectively by a human, much less be real. However, the latest issue of Silk shows an adapted method that could produce a similar effect.

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Silk #4 – created by Maurene Goo, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, and Vc Ariana Maher – features a character who uses an arrow similar to Yondu’s with more modern technology. Saya, Silk’s primary foe in the current arc, is engaged in a battle with a cat demon named Kasha who has been killing gangsters in New York. Saya is the daughter of Silvermane, a cyborg crime boss in Marvel’s universe. She is also a technology whiz who graduated college with a robotics degree who has been heading up a tech company named Fujinet – her family’s business. During her fight with Kasha, she uses an arrow very similar to Yondu’s, but controlled with a human-accessible method.

Saya’s arrow relies on nano-drones and a cell phone. The Yaka arrow, because of its extraterrestrial nature, is not possible to replicate in reality. Yaka metal does not exist and its properties and responsive nature cannot be replicated in their normal form. Humans can’t create the frequencies needed to control an arrow. Yondu’s arrow also requires a fin, which the MCU makes very clear. He cannot control the arrow without it. Another important property of the arrow is that it is anti-gravity, which arrows on Earth do not have. However, Saya’s method is actually rather practical and could eventually become a possibility outside of a comic book and general science fiction.

Yondu has expressly stated that he does not control his arrow with his mind, but with his intuition – which likely is part of the connection established by his fin and the arrow itself. The nano-drones and cell phone could replicate the signals of communication Yondu gives with his fin and whistles, allowing commands to be given from the phone to the arrow. The drones could likely also replicate the properties needed to transfer not just the commands, but create an anti-gravity field for the arrow to fly within. While standard remote-controlled objects do not require drones to function, the speed, force, and maneuverability that this arrow would need to be similar to its comic counterpart require more than just a standard space and control.

While this development likely won’t be made in the next day or week, it seems like it could be increasingly possible in the future. Yondu’s arrow could exist outside of the MCU. Drones already exist and nanotechnology has long been in development. Drones have even been made on a small scale as toys. With additional features added to them, they could definitely be used as transmitters or amplifiers controlled using digital commands.  Cell phones can already control technology from a distance in homes with smart products like ovens. Though Yondu’s Yaka arrow from the MCU can’t be duplicated in its original form, this variation used by Saya in Marvel’s Silk #4 is certainly a real-world possibility.

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