Marvel VP Confirms Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel Will Premiere Before End of 2021

Marvel VP Confirms Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel Will Premiere Before End of 2021

With less than five months in 2021, Victoria Alonso confirms that Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel will premiere on Disney+ before the end of the year.

Victoria Alonso confirmed that Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel will premiere on Disney+ before the end of 2021. Marvel Studios kicked off Phase 4 of the MCU in January with WandaVision, which went on to earn multiple Emmy nominations. Shortly after WandaVision wrapped, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered in March which was then followed by Loki in June.

Now with Loki wrapped up, the next Disney+ series What If…? is set to premiere in August with a series order of ten episodes. With films opening in July (Black Widow), September (Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), November (Eternals), and December (Spider-Man: No Way Home), 2021 has been a full year of MCU stories, which makes up for 2020 being the first year without a Marvel Studios entry since 2009. Two Disney+ series, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, were originally announced for late 2021 premieres, but with so many Marvel films and television series, many were left wondering if one or both could be pushed back.

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It appears both will arrive on schedule. According to Variety, Marvel Studios Executive Vice President of Film Production, Victoria Alonso, confirmed that both Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel would arrive on Disney+ sometime in 2021. She didn’t give an exact date or time frame, but with What If…? set to debut in August, that leaves four months left in the year for the series to drop.

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No word was given on which show would premiere first, and while conventional wisdom suggests Hawkeye due to it wrapping filming, most promotional material puts Ms. Marvel ahead of Hawkeye. Finding where on the release schedule that each series could land is another question to be answered. What If…? premieres on August 11, and given it is an animated series, it could premiere with two episodes like Disney+ Monsters At Work. If one episode per week dropped after that, What If…? would wrap up around October 6. Given that Ms. Marvel features a scene at Halloween, the series could then premiere the following week, letting it run for six weeks into November shortly as Eternals is playing in theaters.

Alonso also said they would premiere in 2021 but not end by then, meaning one of the series could premiere in December and play through January. This would allow Eternals to take the spotlight for the month of November, and the marketing for Spider-Man: No Way Home can take center stage. Once Spider-Man opens, and families are gathered around for the holidays, they can watch the latest entry in the MCU on Disney+ on either December 22 or December 29. The addition of Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel to Disney+ in 2021 means audiences will have seen six MCU series and ten overall MCU stories, the most of any given year. Many would say that is a good year worth of stories.

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Source: Variety

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