Marvel’s New X-Men Hints At A Major Wolverine Romance

Marvel’s New X-Men Hints At A Major Wolverine Romance

Will the latest X-Men team from Marvel lead to love or heartache for Wolverine and Synch following their team’s recent foray into the Vault?

Warning: contains major spoilers for X-Men #21! 

Marvel’s new X-Men team has the potential to bring back – or destroy – a recent romantic relationship for WolverineX-Men #21 includes the election of the next iteration of the X-Men team. This team could bring love or heartbreak to Laura Kinney, aka Wolverine, depending on how Marvel handles her relationships going forward.

Just before the Hellfire Gala began, Wolverine was sent on a top-secret mission with a specialized team to the Vault. Wolverine, Synch, and Darwin were exposed to Vault time, which passes much faster than time in the normal world. This meant they had to survive long-term and they were together for a long time. In this time, Synch and Wolverine were able to begin a romantic relationship. Issues #18 and #19 showed the Vault interior and their eventual separation.

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Now, in X-Men #21 – created by Jonathan Hickman, Lucas Werneck, Sara Pichelli, Russell Dauterman, Nick Dragotta, Nolan Woodard, Sunny Gho, Matthew Wilson, Frank Martin, and Vc Clayton Cowles – Wolverine and Synch have been selected for the newest iteration of the X-Men team. This can be a great opportunity for them to rekindle their relationship with a fresh start, or it could lead to the ultimate heartbreak for Wolverine. It will all depend on the fate of the previous Wolverine in the Vault. Wolverine remained in the Vault, allowing Synch to escape. However, the fate of that version of the character is currently unknown. It’s possible she survived but hasn’t escaped yet. She could have been captured or she may have died in a final stand. It is assumed that she died, but without any kind of confirmation, this could be the key to a future conflict Laura will have to face. She has already had identity issues since she was created as a clone of the original Wolverine, but this could be the worst case of identity confusion she faces if brought to fruition. Synch was able to back-up his memory for his latest body, but Laura was not. She has no recollection of spending a literal lifetime with him.

X-Men 19 Wolverine Synch Romance

This could be the perfect rekindling since they’ve both been elected to the team. They’ll have a lot of time to spend together and working on a team tends to help develop close bonds for mutants. Death-defying heroics also tend to bring heroes closer together. What they had in the Vault can be naturally brought back over time and many missions. On the other hand, this could be the setup for a tragic heartbreak. If the other version of Laura returns, she will not only have all her memories, she will also be a violation of Krakoan protocols. She will also see that Synch has in some ways moved on without her, even if it still with a version of her. Could it be possible for a mutant to be jealous of themselves romantically?

Ultimately, this will all depend on if Wolverine actually survived the Vault, and if Marvel has any intention of bringing her back. Either way, their relationship could be very important going forward. It was teased in X-Men #18 before becoming a reality in X-Men #19. Now only two issues later, Synch and Wolverine could be starting over. The only way to know more is to keep along for the heartwarming or heart-rending love story that potentially lies ahead. Synch and Wolverine could rekindle their love via the new X-Men team, or find tragedy waiting in the wings of Marvel’s latest story.

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