Matt Nagy: Everyone will know when the time is right for Justin Fields to start

Matt Nagy: Everyone will know when the time is right for Justin Fields to start

Justin Fields had to wait about two hours for the 2021 NFL draft to begin, knowing where his NFL career would begin. Of course, the beers waited a long time to find it.

Chicago’s aggressive trade in anticipation of enthusiastic quarterbacks immediately instilled an unknown ray for the franchise within a few years. Naturally, everyone wants to know when the fields will take over the field.

Bears coach Matt Nagy shares his enthusiasm, but he’s not ready to answer that question.

In his post-draft press conference Saturday, Nagy said Saturday that he would be delighted to come here and learn how to be a professional quarterback. It won’t happen overnight.

Not so, the presence of veteran Andy Dalton and at least a bit of Nick Falls. Nagy had previously traveled to the seas to help the club sign Patrick Mahoms as Alex Smith’s resignation in the 201st draft when Currency was working as offensive coordinator.

The circumstances, however, are not parallel. Smith was coming off a career year and led Kansas City to three postseason appearances with four attempts. Dalton joined the Bears, who played as the 7th seed 8-8 in less than two months last season. The Red Rifle has been out of the game for five years.

“So how great can a young man come and learn from people like [Dalton] and Nick Falls and see that they can take it from them and really put it in their toolbox and use it to build him like the greatest quarterback could be,” He says. Nagy. Like everyone said, I got it in 2017, will it be the same? I do not know. But at least we have some kind of project to work with and please be able to use it to get started and see where it goes.

He will end up playing Fields in the end.

As reported by NFL Network’s Cynthia Freeland, the double threat from multiple general managers has made the No. 1 QB higher than Trevor Lawrence. Fields is unlikely to change his first professional season, especially in a proven year with Ryan Pace, the general manager of Nagy and Beer. Additionally, the Ohio State product has a large game lineage. Despite being the fourth quarterback to leave the board, Lawrence was just getting started against the top competition among the five quarterbacks to advance to the first round.

He’s a complete quarterback with a lot of whole numbers, Nagy said of his rookie. He threatens whenever he has something to do with soccer as a neighbor and running back, but he makes really good decisions. He has played in great moments. He’s one of the strongest quarterbacks, and I’ve gotten close to a lot of tough quarterbacks, but he’s definitely there for his college-level experience. I think he’s hanging his hat on him. And as we all grow up with him, we feel like we realize that he really has some of this “subject” factor, which is very good. Everyone has to come naturally. Some have it, some don’t.

The Bears know that a franchise has been looking for quarterbacks for decades. As a starter, only a handful of people had stretched and fewer people had been successful. The most notable of these is Sid Luckman, whose Hall of Fame career ended in 1950. None of his successors came in with 80% of his total beer (126). Jim McMahon helped guide Chicago to his solo Super Bowl title, but injuries limited him to just 61 in blue and orange. (For the sake of comparison, Dalton 133 played the game for the Bengals))

He enters the fields of the Checkered Cubic lineage.

And that is why the most important conversation around you is not when, but how long and how well. Nagir seems to have remembered all of that.

When the time is right, I promise everyone, including Justin, will know when the time is right, says the fourth-year coach. And it happens naturally.

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