Matthias Corman leads the OECD despite climate records

Matthias Corman leads the OECD despite climate records

Former Australian Finance Minister Matthias Kerman will head the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Center-right politician Kerman faced opposition because of his record on climate change.

He sought to abolish Australia’s renewable energy targets, calling the carbon price an “extremely costly fraud.”

Sweden’s Cecilia Malmstrom also competed to lead a group that included 37 of the world’s largest economies.

The Paris-based OECD is helping to formulate and coordinate policies among its member countries, and will finalize Kerman’s choice next week. He will serve a five-year term starting in June.

Greenpeace International, which helped manage the external opposition to Kerman’s candidacy, said his choice was to miss an opportunity, especially for groups including the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan.

Jennifer Morgan said that if Mr. Corpman himself recorded a conspiracy on the issue, including opposition to carbon prices, then Mr. Corman’s ability to ensure that the OECD would lead in tackling the climate crisis. He said he had very little confidence.

This has deprived OECD countries of the opportunity to draw a line on the shelf and disqualify them in the history of blocking climate change measures from a higher international position.

Corman responded to the criticism by saying that he was fully committed to ambitious and effective action on climate change, but that there were different ways to achieve it.

Who is Matthias Kerman?

As the next Paris-based OECD leader, Kerman faces an agenda like the coronavirus epidemic, addressing the economic effects of climate change, and how to reach a global agreement to tax high-tech businesses …

Born in Belgium and born in Germany, Mr Kerman moved to Australia at the age of 20 and worked in health insurance and insurance.

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He holds the record for being the country’s longest-serving finance minister from 2013 to 2020. He represented Western Australia as a Liberal senator from 2007 to 2020.

Known for promoting tax cuts, he used all the political and analytical skills available through the OECD to promote global net emissions into the global economy by 2050. I promised you I would help you achieve that.

He added that the group should be helped to identify market-based solutions that maintain access to energy and maximize savings in economically responsible ways.

In a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison hailed the choice as his victory, calling it the oldest Australian candidate nominated by an international body in decades.

Why were you chosen?

OECD insiders say Kerman’s political experience and breadth of personality influenced his choices, as well as his detailed knowledge of endangered subjects. Support from the United States was also reported to be important.

Insiders also told the BBC that Colombia was the last country to take part in arranging a geopolitical adjustment for the Central European-based agencies in charge of Australians, and that Costa Rica was in the process.

But there was also criticism of the lack of transparency in the UK-run selection process.

One observer described it as a sheet and a blanket and wondered if its members were suitable for a democratic organization.

Former European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrোমm was the finalist among the 10 candidates in the race to succeed Mexican Angel Glia, who led the team for 15 years.

Kerman’s choice stems from negotiations in the UK, which will host a major climate change summit in Glasgow later this year.

In December, the shadow shadow secretary of international trade, Emily Thornberry, ridiculed Kerman entirely on his own claims about climate change leaders and how serious your state is. I wrote to Boris Johnson that I would send the wrong signal. Subject.

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