Michigan enters the scene in the fight to open the border between the United States and Canada

Michigan enters the scene in the fight to open the border between the United States and Canada

John Adams considers himself a soldier who likes to fight politicians.

Adams is an avid-0-year-old retired magazine editor who lives in Florida most of the time when he is not in his rural paradise, his own property on Vancouver Island.

Until last year, Adams was a middle-class man. But then he repeatedly demanded in a television ad in front of Florida Governor Ron Desantis that Diocentes lift the Florida vacation rental ban during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Adams, who owned three Florida rents that lost several thousand dollars to the ban, believes he gained by de-Santis lifting the ban shortly after the ads were launched. So now he’s looking at bigger targets: President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Adams wants Biden and Trudeau to relax border restrictions between the U.S. and Canada to allow separate families to be vaccinated; Owners like him; And business key partners need to enter Canada as soon as possible after June 21 if vaccination rates improve further.

Adams’ favorite weapon is a 30-second television commercial that he wrote himself, but professionally produced, being aired in the northwestern states of New York, Washington, and the Detroit metropolitan area. This is similar to the one that spread against the ban on vacation rent for distance.

The purpose of my ad is to receive a phone call: Prime Minister Trudeau does not like these ads. Adams Md. I’m not saying they need to open the border tomorrow, but I need a plan. I want to plan my summer Some people want to plan their wedding and others need to be prepared not to see their 92-year-old relative across the border.

Play on identifiable passions that reduce the commercial work of television; Frustration of homeowners who are not allowed to view their property in Canada; And the heartache of being separated from loved ones because since March 2020 the border has been closed to most unnecessary travel.

Stop hurting our economy and spending our work. Now open the border, a male narrator is speaking in a harsh baritone at the end of the ad.

Canadian health officials and government leaders have reviewed the epidemic situation before deciding to increase the risk. Canada has extended 30 more days until May 21, June 21.

James Cudmore, a spokesman for Bill Blair, Canada’s Minister of Public Service and Emergency Preparedness, said the Canadian government was not aware of Adams’ announcement. Canada will be decided with the highest interest of us and Canadians as our highest priority, Canada will be decided, USA is part of the USA Today network as it is today.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. But Adams is underestimated.

I’m fighting, Adams said. I have the power of the people now.

The latest ban beats Adams and his wife, Martha, about 50 years old, the most. On Vancouver Island these two have their own vast property which they call latitude 49 because it is near the 49th parallel, which forms most of the border between the United States and Canada. Adams, published in Alaska Magazine, among others, bought the property in 2015 during his career.

An aerial photo in his television ad shows his house refusing to be stamped with huge red access.

The tax you pay on your property is cheap, about $ 2,000 a year. He and Martha have been looking after a friend’s house since they last arrived in September 2019. So his inspiration for the ads is not financial; It is a matter of frustration that every month Canada extends border closures for another 30 days.

In the end I had enough, Adams said. The can was kicked a lot along the way and I walked over to it and set foot in that can.

Adams has experience fighting with the City Council. In March 2020, Desantis cut off 250,000 Florida vacation rentals due to the epidemic. Adams began running a 30-second television ad as a result of job losses and financial losses as a result of the rental ban.

Adams said I ran this hour on Fox and CNN, noting that it cost him about 50 750 to create the ad and a total of 1, 1,800 to promote it. My Comcast representative called and said, “We’re getting a lot of pressure from the governor’s office.

There is also an emotional element to Adams’ current campaign: he acknowledges that his age may limit time to enjoy his rural retreat where he and Martha will spend about six months a year, flying tuck gulls and fishing and watching black bears.

I have to calculate how many years my age is worth. Adams said, I will monetize with this word.

Adams then hears from others there are deadly stories of being separated from a loved one that motivate him more than anything.

One such person is Patricia Kaiser, 45, of Michigan’s beloved son. Kaiser and Adams recently met after paying $ 25 to donate to her GoFundMe page to support the interview.

“I want to donate more, but I didn’t do any work last year, so donating 25 25 is a big problem,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser owns Expert Vehicle Solutions at Wald Lake, a western suburb of Detroit. It provides vehicles for large automobile events or for testing automobile companies. The epidemic reduced demand for his company’s services, but he was able to keep four of his full-time employees employed. To his relief, he recently landed on a new project with Porsche, he said.

However, his fianc Tom, a resident of Toronto, was not so lucky. Tom asked Kaiser not to reveal his last name or company name due to confidentiality. The auto event company he founded in Toronto 24 years ago is closing down due to the closure of Canada and is deleting any auto events there, Kaiser said.

“This border closure has affected us on many levels,” Kaiser said. “It’s destroying our business, it’s destroying our home, it’s destroying our future. Every dollar you spend is the dollar of the future and you don’t know what the future holds. Can we plan a wedding? Oh my God, no !

Tom’s father has been dead since the engagement in January 2020, and Kaiser is unable to enter the country to attend the funeral with him.

These have been viewed twice and a detailed process is required for both times. Kaiser took a CVID-19 test, Tom signed an affidavit stating that they had been in a relationship for more than a year and that Canada was eligible for extended family leave. After Canadian government officials approved Kaiser’s visit, he had to spend $ 2,000 to stay 14 days apart at an Airbnb in Toronto, he said.

The necessity of this separate condition made it impossible for Tomar to visit Dearborn with Kaiser because he had to do this after he returned to Canada and he was a single father, so he could not be separated from his children for so long.

However, the fully vaccinated Kaiser said he agreed to show his vaccination card at the border if he could enter Canada without the long and expensive separation.

That is why he supported Adams’ declaration and considered the pressure of the people to break the border.

“I cry every day,” Kaiser said. Our lives are damaged beyond repair. The hopes and dreams we had when we were appointed in 2020 were shattered.

Adams began running the ad on Fox, CNN and Spectrum News in Buffalo, New York, on May 13. It ran six ads throughout May 1, paying about $ 300 to produce and to run.

Since then he has started the GoFundMe page to help you buy more lists in other areas near Canada, such as the northwestern states of Washington and Detroit. As of Friday night, it had raised, 5,082 in grants. Your goal is ,000 15,000.

Adams continued the ad at Buffalo, where he also started an online ad campaign. Fox, CNN, Headline News and MSNBC also bought 72 time slots to run the ad for five days in Washington state.

On Wednesday, Adams received a grant of one thousand dollars. He used it to spend money on a television and digital advertising campaign in the Detroit metropolitan area. Adams Fox and CNN ran 21 ads from May 22-24. The online campaign was running at the same time.

Adams Don’t post ads in Washington, DC. It is very expensive. Also, he said, more important to me is that someone calls Biden and says, do you know these ads? My ads are like hole bulls, I want you to hear the cries, but not the teeth.

Despite Canada still lagging behind the US vaccination rate, Trudeau and his administration are reportedly in preliminary talks on easing border restrictions.

Bloodberg quoted an unnamed source as saying that the Trudeau administration had discussed the idea that there was no need for isolation and testing for vaccine visitors as a whole. According to the Government of Canada’s health website, 3.99% of Canadians have been fully vaccinated, compared to 36.1% in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On May 17, the Canadian Press reported that Trudeau had said that 755% of Canadians would have to be vaccinated before the border could be opened.

Kudmore said he could not confirm the veracity of the news of initial talks on opening the border, but said the government has consulted with public health officials every month to review restrictions to keep Canadians safe.

“Secretary Blair is in regular contact with his American counterparts on issues related to our shared borders,” Kudmore said. Until the situation on both sides of the border changes significantly, the arrangements on our border will remain intact.

Trudeau says Canada is open to vaccine passports. These are electronic documents that allow a border patrol to verify whether a traveler has been insulated. Biden has denied that option.

Adams is also not in favor of this type of electronic passport. Adams said protection is universal; He has seen friends die from Kavid-19, but people have to get their lives back because it is killing people, he said.

Adams favors displaying a CDC card at the border as evidence of inoculation.

And he said, if you can’t prove you’ve been vaccinated, I’m sorry Charlie, go home.

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