Million Dollar Listing: Ryan & Steve’s Daughters Bond Over Playdate

Million Dollar Listing: Ryan & Steve’s Daughters Bond Over Playdate

Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing New York give the fans a glimpse inside their daughters’ playdate on the August 5 episode.

On the new, August 5 episode of Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant will give fans a glimpse inside their daughters’ playdate. The realtors both welcomed their daughters in 2019 with their long-time significant others. Steve’s daughter, Rose, was born in June 2019 to Steve and his girlfriend, Luiza Gawlowska. Ryan welcomed his daughter, Zena, in February 2019 with his wife, lawyer Emilia Bechrakis. Ryan and Emilia tied the knot in the summer of 2016, less than three years before they welcomed their baby girl.

Season 9 is the first season of MDLNY that has shown both Ryan and Steve in their father roles. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, fans got to see the relators take a break from their everyday work lives and step into their roles as fathers more frequently. When people started to understand the COVID-19 virus more and feel a bit safer, Ryan and Steve thought it would be a fun idea to have their daughter officially meet.

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In a sneak peek of Thursday night’s new episode per E! News, Ryan and Steve organize a playdate for their little girls. Ryan’s wife Emilia brings their two-year-old daughter Zena over to Steve’s apartment to play with his one-year-old, Rose. “Rosie, are you ready to see your friend Zena?” Steve asks as Ryan, Emila, and their daughter come over. In a confessional, the former model speaks about his daughter’s bond with Ryan’s daughter. “Zena and Rose, they are besties now,” he reveals. “Zena calls her Ro-Ro, Ro-Ro calls her Z.” Luiza, Rose’s mother, even praises baby Zena’s adorable outfit. “Yeah, those are cool shoes,” Steve chimes in. He then takes a shot at her father, Ryan, by saying, “You have much better style than your father.” After Ryan arrives at Steve’s home, Zena can be seen behind the wheel of Rose’s toy Bentley.

Thanks Steve, now my kid is going to be demanding her own Bentley,” the former actor jokes. Besides the friendly banter, Ryan can’t help but gush over Steve’s fabulous 3,850 square foot NYC loft. “So it’s the two of you, plus a baby, plus a dog?” Ryan inquires. Steven quickly corrects him and says that he, in fact, has two dogs running around their apartment. As one of Steve’s dogs hops by them, Ryan wonders if Steve dyed his dog. He confirms that they do, and it’s something his long-time girlfriend, Luiza, does every month. Zena quickly becomes enthralled by the puppy and even tries picking it up by its fur. “No, we are not getting a dog right now,” Ryan says jokingly. “Zena, no, you’re going to torture the dog. Zena, you’re a big strong girl. We named you Zena for a reason. We didn’t name you, like, Stephanie.”

Even though Million Dollar Listing New York usually focuses on the rivalry between the relators, it is nice to see them getting along for once. Ryan and Steve both welcomed their daughters within months of each other and have developed a friendship through their experiences as fathers. Maybe in future seasons, viewers will get to see more playdates with Ryan, Steve, and their adorable children.

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Million Dollar Listing New York airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

Source: E! News

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