Minecraft Dungeons Announces Echoing Void DLC

Minecraft Dungeons Announces Echoing Void DLC

Minecraft Dungeons has unveiled Echoing Void, the fourth and final DLC expansion of the current Season Pass and the conclusion of its ongoing story.

Minecraft Dungeons developer Mojang has announced Echoing Void, the game’s next DLC expansion. The dungeon crawler spinoff of the popular sandbox game has released five expansions so far, with the first two released as part of the game’s Hero Pass while the latter three are part of the ongoing Season Pass. The third of the four DLCs announced for the Season Pass, the aquatic-themed Hidden Depths, was released last May 26, leaving only the fourth DLC expansion to conclude the current Season Pass.

Apart from its major DLC expansions, Mojang has also released free content updates for the game throughout the past year, with some launching at the same time as the expansions to give players who either opt-out or are unable to purchase the paid DLC at launch something new to enjoy. Minecraft Dungeons also celebrated its first anniversary alongside the release of the Hidden Depths DLC expansion. Mojang released a set of seasonal trials and rewards to celebrate the game’s anniversary and also announced that it has reached over 11.5 million unique players during its first year.

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As for the fourth and final DLC expansion of the current Season Pass, Echoing Void, Mojang has announced that it’ll release on July 28, 2021. The DLC is set in the mysterious dimension called The End and concludes the game’s current story arc that began when it was released last year. Apart from introducing the final chapter of the story, the Echoing Void is also adding new levels, enemies, missions, puzzles, legendary gear, and more. Unfortunately, Mojang has yet to give any specific details on what players can expect in the new DLC expansion.

Apart from the DLC expansion, the studio also announced the free content update that is set to release alongside the Echoing Void, which will introduce new enchantments such as Ambush, Shadow Blast, and Void Strike. The content update is also adding the Gauntlets of Gales, which the studio calls a “unique maze-like mission” that includes difficult trials and puzzles. Lastly, Mojang is also releasing Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition on the same day as the final DLC expansion. The new edition includes the base game and all six DLC expansions at a better value than purchasing each separately.

The release of the Ultimate Edition alongside the final expansion of the current story is a great way to get new people to try out the game without them having to worry about purchasing each of the six DLC expansions individually. It also presents them with the complete version of the game’s current story from the get-go. As for those who already play the game and already have the season pass, there are only a few weeks of waiting left before they can finally experience the final chapter of the current Minecraft Dungeons story.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void and Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition are scheduled for release on July 28, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Mojang

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