Murray out indefinitely with torn ACL in Nuggets’ Jamal left knee

Murray out indefinitely with torn ACL in Nuggets’ Jamal left knee

The Denver Nuggets have gone from being one of the NBA’s most dangerous teams to one of the most vulnerable.

Jamal Murray was diagnosed with a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. This is expected to prevent him from playing for the rest of the 2020-21 season.

The Nuggets (34-20) finished fourth at the Western Conference and noticed that no point guard had appeared as a superstar last season. He also has some depth with the Nuggets, including MVP candidate (Nikola Jokić), promising young player (Michael Porter Jr.), and newly acquired winger (Aaron Gordon) who can defend in multiple positions. I will To do outside.

At the last minute, the Nuggets lost to the Golden State Warriors on Monday, Murray boarded the basket before his knees buckled in a contactless game. Murray soon fell to the ground. After a while, the Nuggets training camp helped him enter the changing room.

Later, Nuggets coach Michael Malone said some of his assistant coaches saw the replay and were worried that Murray might stretch his knees too much. However, the Nuggets underwent an MRI in Murray before determining the severity of his injury.

Obviously, the locker room is far below, Malone said after the match. Yes, I lost the game. But I think everyone’s thoughts are in Jamal and they want him to be okay.

Murray missed the previous four games due to pain in his right knee. He played the Golden State with a relative limit of a few minutes (33), but Malone emphasized that Murray wasn’t in a hurry to play again.

Every time a child misses four games, he always has to worry about going out. But I think we spent some time on the knee pain he was experiencing, Malone said. He wanted to go home tonight, and he was very happy to go home tonight. Injury is one of the things you really can’t control.

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