NAACP to NFL: Don’t interpret Fox News as hate, bigotry, lies and racism

NAACP to NFL: Don’t interpret Fox News as hate, bigotry, lies and racism

The NAACP sent a bitter letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to avoid using Fox as a bargaining tool during incoming rights negotiations, and Fox calls racism a unique destructive force. Encouraged to help fund the news. The legitimacy of last year’s presidential election.

On March 9, a letter to Goodell from NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson and a receipt from USA Today Sports further stated that NFL programming should not be used as a negotiation chip for Murdoch.

The NFL didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

In a statement to USA Today Sports, Johnson said, “It’s very surprising that the NFL will consider expanding its relationship with Fox, especially after the January capital uprising,” apart from the letter to the NFL. That’s it. ” The NFL should not be used as a bargaining tip with Fox News racists or dangerous programming funds.

Johnson said Fox News alienated viewers, hatred, prejudice, and ultimately threatened American democracy. I have serious concerns about renewing my NFL contract with Fox and look forward to a serious conversation.

NSL and ESPN, CBS, Fox and NBC executives have been negotiating for several months on a long-term new agreement on broadcast rights. According to some reports, these agreements could break the record of rights fees. The Sports Business Journal reports that the NFL and ESPN have agreed on 2.6 billion contracts. According to another report, the NFL demanded Fox $ 2.25 billion annually. Amazon is also part of the broadcast mix.

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Fox began broadcasting NFL games in 1994 after signing an 81.58 billion contract with the NFL.

According to Johnson, the NAACP is concerned about the collaboration between the NFL and Fox, fearing the network will make money from broadcast games, and Fox News will fund it as Johnson hates and splits. It is useful for.

“As our country continues to fulfill its democratic promise, the NAACP praises the NFL’s support for social justice,” said Dear Goodell, Johnson. Appropriate remarks by league leaders, great contributions for the benefit of marginalized people, and even stadium signatures condemning prejudice address the harsh and unnecessary reality that many of our societies plague. Is a useful gesture for.

Unfortunately, not all public influencers are willing to sacrifice resources to achieve social equality. Importantly, Fox News continues to fuel ethnic division and promote volatile political conditions.

The NFL is aware that it is currently in talks with its broadcast partner to renew its shipping contract. While waiting for the expansion of a popular sports break in the United States, there are serious concerns about the accidental consequences of the league’s partnership with Fox.

Fox News’ hate, orthodoxy, lies, and racism should not be used as a bargaining chip for NFL programming to fund Rupert Murdoch.

The letter continues: Fox News should not be allowed to unjustly benefit from the increased car transport for Fox News by threatening to disrupt career access to Fox Sports even after a divided corporate dynasty and threatening to drive the National Football League’s more particularly lucrative car. Fox Corporation is an organization with a long list of major media outlets, including Fox Sports and Fox News. The latter is a unique destructive force. Fox News encourages racism, undermines the recovery of public health from epidemics, and repeatedly attacks the legitimacy of last year’s presidential election, a propaganda ploy that propagated in January when the U.S. invaded the U.S. capital.

Johnson then mentioned that the league is about 70 percent black, and Fox News works against the interests of those black players.

Johnson writes that the NFL, a league where almost blackic percent of the players are black, should not be helped to increase the profits of Fox News, a leading voice condemning this same player for peaceful protest against systemic racism.

We are all familiar with the depth of manipulation and polarization tone that Fox News intends to compose. It remains to be seen whether the NFL will unnecessarily capitalize on the vast majority of its corporate entities to protect its players and fans from further exploitation, and will work through sanctions to exploit prosperity to destabilize our democracy.

Johnson concluded the letter by saying, “We hope to begin immediate discussions with you and any other NFL leadership to address your concerns and your response in detail.” We look forward to hearing from you in the coming days as we move forward on this critical issue.

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