New Metroid Dread Footage Reveals How To Defeat EMMI

New Metroid Dread Footage Reveals How To Defeat EMMI

In the upcoming Metroid Dread, Samus will face terrifying E.M.M.I. robots. Luckily, it looks like she will have some powerful attacks at her disposal.

Newly released exclusive footage of the upcoming Metroid Dread revealing some of Samus’s most useful offensive capabilities has been circulating online. The video shows expectant players how they might want to approach dealing with some of the game’s menacing and creepy enemies. For both series veterans and newcomers, this information could prove invaluable when jumping into the newest side-scrolling adventure.

The hotly anticipated Metroid Dread has been generating tons of internet buzz since its reveal at E3 2021. In its initial gameplay trailer, viewers were treated to tons of exciting visuals and displays of Samus’s new abilities. As is the series’ custom, players will have to make their way through haunting levels and fight creepy monsters. The main threats facing Samus appear to be the Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier robots (E.M.M.I.) created by the Galactic Federation. These armored mechanical stalkers patrol the abandoned hallways of Metroid Dread and don’t look to be standard fodder-type monsters. Luckily, players will have new weapons and strategies at their disposal when facing them.

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While Samus’s stealth abilities will ostensibly be one of the most useful approaches when it comes to making it past the E.M.M.I.s, a new video shared by Nintendo of America on Twitter reveals that more aggressive tactics will also be an option. The post maintains that Samus’s standard strikes and blasts will prove ineffective against these hulking robots, but players can stand a chance by absorbing energy from defeated Central Units and powering up their attacks. When Samus has access to this expanded power source, she can charge up powerful Omega Stream and Omega Blaster projectiles to take down E.M.M.I. enemies.

The short clip shows Samus bravely executing these attacks against an approaching E.M.M.I. attacker. She will need to be stationary when using these abilities, leading to a high-risk, high-reward strategy that stands in stark contrast to Samus’s more covert approaches. The E.M.M.I. in the video seems to absorb a good deal of hits before taking any significant damage, so players will have to carefully consider their positioning and power levels when taking this offensive stance. By the end of the clip, the E.M.M.I. switches to a bipedal mode of movement and continues its assault on Samus, albeit in a visibly weakened state.

The fact that the E.M.M.I. is still functioning after this display of immense power only makes them more frightening to behold. It certainly furthers the idea that these robots are not threats meant to be taken lightly and that players should consider all options when one appears in the game. Whatever strategy players choose to take against the game’s enemies, Metroid Dread‘s alluringly creepy atmosphere and flexible gameplay options should excite both gamers and horror fans alike.

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Metroid Dread will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

Source: Nintendo of America/Twitter

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