New Pistol Whip Wild West Campaign Coming Later This Month

New Pistol Whip Wild West Campaign Coming Later This Month

Developer Cloudhead Games will launch Pistol Whip’s Wild West-themed Smoke & Thunder campaign on August 12 for PCVR, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Quest.

The second campaign for Pistol Whip, the Wild West-inspired Smoke & Thunder, will launch across all major VR headsets on August 12. An action-rhythm FPS, Pistol Whip borrowed heavily from the likes of John Wick and Equilibrium to deliver a pulse-pounding shooter like no other on VR platforms. It originally launched on Oculus and PC in November 2019, then migrated to PlayStation VR in Summer 2020. Months after wowing players with the synthwave-eque 2089 update, developer Cloudhead Games has reemerged with another content drop.

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Pistol Whip’s Smoke & Thunder campaign hits Oculus Quest, PCVR, and PlayStation VR on August 12, Cloudhead Games revealed in a press release. As the shooter’s largest update yet, Smoke & Thunder will boast a new soundtrack, a fully-voiced story campaign  in the Wild West, and the all-new Styles system, the latter of which opens the door to a sandbox bursting with “endless replayability.” The western-themed content will additionally unlock previously unseen weapons and extra mechanics, as well as a “dastardly” threat of the outlaw variety and another boss battle. Existing Pistol Whip owners will have access to the content via a free update. Meanwhile, newcomers can purchase the VR experience for $24.99 until August 15; Pistol Whip’s price will increase to $29.99 once this date passes.

pistol whip smoke & thunder dlc key art

Smoke & Thunder should offer an action-packed thrill ride, with its Wild West theme bringing a new layer of intensity to the already intense on-rails shooter. Given the ambitious post-launch support that Pistol Whip’s received, thus far, who knows how else the game may surprise players in the future?

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Pistol Whip’s Smoke & Thunder launches on Oculus Quest, PCVR, and PlayStation VR on August 12.

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