New York Attorney General investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity

New York Attorney General investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity

The New York attorney general office, Letia James, who has been conducting the Trump agency’s civil investigation for two years, is now also investigating the agency in criminal cases, an office spokesperson said.

We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer purely civic in nature. We are now actively investigating the criminal powers of the Trump administration, including the Manhattan District Attorney. We have no additional comment at this time, spokesman Fabian Levy said.

The New York Attorney General’s Office began its civil investigation in 2012 after former President Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, testified before Congress. The main focus was on whether the Trump administration inflated asset valuations when seeking loans and insurance coverage and eliminated the value of other assets to reduce the tax liability.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has been conducting separate criminal investigations since 2018 and initially targeted adult film star Stormy Daniels during Cohen’s 2016 presidential campaign. Vance’s office later indicated that the court filed the lawsuit that the investigation could be so broad as to show a potential crime as widespread as fraud and tax evasion.

The former president responded to the news in a statement of more than 900 words on the criminal nature of the investigation.

There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation desperately seeking a crime. Make no mistake, however, that this is exactly what is happening here, Trump wrote, as New York officials are at an unprecedented stage with the political fortunes of President Donald J. Trump and the destruction of nearly a million. of millions of people. I voted for him

District attorneys and attorney general’s offices often cross paths, including issuing sub-bails for financial information on the same Trump property. In February, Vance’s office issued a subpoena regarding Mr. Seven Springs estate exemptions related to Seven Springs Conservation Prosperity were reflected on effective tax returns. Both parties continue this dispute.

In James’s office, Eric Trump has compiled statements from Trump’s son and the agency’s executive vice president and several of Trump’s top executives, and Allen Weissberg, the chief financial officer, was part of the earlier investigation. Weisberg’s former daughter-in-law Jennifer Weisberg told CBS News that she, too, had been interviewed in James’s office. A source familiar with the investigation said that two assistant attorneys general from James’ office have been assigned to work with the Manhattan district attorney’s team on the case.

Vance’s office has repeatedly contacted Jennifer Weisselberg, who told CBS News that investigators from the district attorney’s office asked for information about her ex-husband Barry Weisselberg, also an employee of Trump’s agency, and documents about his finances and benefits.

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