Nike v Adidas – the Euro 2020 battle of the brands

Nike v Adidas – the Euro 2020 battle of the brands

In a piece in The Financial Times recently, the British journalist Simon Kuper suggested this month’s Euro 2020 tournament will be a celebration of European expertise and unity, as 24 of the world’s best teams compete on a relatively level playing field, enriched by lessons they have learned from each other.

Kuper, the author of the Football Against the Enemy, the award-winning 1994 book about how the beautiful game has often been tarred by the ugliest instincts, even believes there are “hardly any needle matches anymore”, as “extra-sporting hostility” has subsided across the continent.

The organisers of the tournament, European football’s governing body UEFA, the 11 host cities and the 24 national associations taking part will hope he is right on the missing needle but not every combatant has heard the war is over.

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