Nine TV shows that should stop after a season

Nine TV shows that should stop after a season

A tragedy that TV viewers will be familiar with: Some don’t know when the show will end. Limited series no longer appear limited. It seems promising to focus on their childhood in two or three seasons.

It’s always sad to see something fall under your own choices’ There are, of course, notable exceptions to this phenomenon – some series manage to show more hope in their second installment than their real rivals. Watch Flybag and its second Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series.

More recently, you have been able to manage a second season on Netflix that has proven to be better, if not better, than the first.

Even so, having one is something the average person cannot reach. Some Watchman fans were delighted even when the show was done as the show was unlikely to return for a second season and the current season was well done to stand alone. Creator Damon Lindelof told USA Today that he is not interested in taking the series further.

At the Watchman affair, Lindelof told USA Today that he would bless HBO if the channel wanted to continue the show with someone else.

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