North Texas Hamlet defeats W. Kentucky to win C-USA tournament

North Texas Hamlet defeats W. Kentucky to win C-USA tournament

Javion Hamlet scored six points out of 20 post-regulation, with a lead of 13.9 seconds left, and defeated North Texas Western Kentucky 611-57 on Saturday night to win the title. USA Conference Tournament.


Min Green (1–9) won the NCAA Tournament seat for the first time since winning the Sun Belt Conference Tournament in 2010.

Maldres McBride added 13 points and Jacqueline Simmons added 12 points in North Texas.

W. Keur’s Jordan Rolls got a triple to score a goal in the OT, leading Hamlet’s left-arm runner Lane to 59-7 with three lead changes and three draws. Thomas Bell blocked Tabien Hollingsworth before hitting two free throws to close the James Ridge score.

Josh Anderson added 14 points and Charles Bus added 13 points and 11 rebounds to WQ (20-7).

Unable to miss the first eight shots of the WQ, Minbreen jumped 17-0 in about five minutes of play, with McBride scoring a triple goal to give Minn Green a ten-point lead with 15 minutes left. The end of the second half. However, about 12 minutes after Anderson scored, Bassey led the WWK 48-41 before starting 19-2. ..

The Hill Toppers used a limited 7-0 lead by McBride Triple at 23-7 against North Texas to break the rules and force it.

The Western Kentucky C-US title has lost each of their last three games and fell to Marshall in 2018 and Old Mainian in 2019. The 2020 conference tournament was canceled after the first round due to a coronavirus epidemic.

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