Pam & Tommy Show Spent 3-5 Hours A Day Turning Lily James Into Pamela Anderson

Pam & Tommy Show Spent 3-5 Hours A Day Turning Lily James Into Pamela Anderson

Pam & Tommy’s hair department head, Barry Lee Moe, reveals some surprising facts behind the Hulu series’ shocking physical transformations.

Lily James’ transformation into Pamela Anderson for Pam & Tommy took anywhere from three to five hours a day. Hulu’s upcoming limited series from I, Tonya and Cruella’s director, Craig Gillespie, will chronicle the tumultuous true story behind Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s marriage in 1995. Along with James as the Baywatch star known for her innumerable appearances in Playboy magazine, Sebastian Stan also underwent a stunning physical transformation in his effort to portray the Mötley Crüe drummer.

For those unfamiliar with the true story, Pam & Tommy will follow its titular couple following the release of their highly-publicized and controversial sex tape, which they claim was stolen from a locked safe and released without their consent, though this has been debated ad nauseam. The series also stars Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling, Andrew Dice Clay, Paul Ben-Victor, and Seth Rogen, who also looks shockingly different sans beard for his portrayal of Rand Gauthier, an electrician who allegedly leaked the tape.

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Now, as reported by VarietyPam & Tommy’s hair department head, Barry Lee Moe, is revealing how the show made its drastic transformations possible. Perhaps the most remarkable of them all, Lily James as Pamela Anderson, required three to five hours of hair and makeup every morning before filming started, according to Moe. The hairstylist says they used 25 hairpieces throughout production, worn by everyone from Rogen, Offerman, and Schilling. However, Stan did not wear a wig and instead grew his hair out and had keratin treatments and coloring every few weeks.

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Moe also reaffirmed that Pam & Tommy has finished filming, which was previously announced by Lily James in an Instagram story. The show’s hair department head even went as far as to speculate that the 8-episode limited series could arrive on Hulu in February of 2022, which is the first time a cast member has mentioned a potential release date. Considering the series was ordered in December 2020, this is absolutely a realistic timeframe for airing.

The series first began making waves in May when Pam & Tommy’s first-look images were released, followed by numerous set photos showcasing the two lead stars’ incredible transformations. These various photos have ended up functioning brilliantly as a viral marketing campaign long before the series even finished filming or a trailer was released. Moe, already an Emmy winner for his work in the hair and makeup department, will certainly be in the running for more awards on Pam & Tommy when the time comes. Until then, expect to see more of Stan and James’ amazing transformations when the marketing campaign kicks up.

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Source: Variety

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