Paul Rudd Once Took Over Seth Rogen’s Massage Without Him Noticing

Paul Rudd Once Took Over Seth Rogen’s Massage Without Him Noticing

Seth Rogen tweets that Paul Rudd once pulled a prank on him at a Vegas spa, claiming Rudd took over his private massage without him noticing.

Paul Rudd once took it upon himself to finish a massage for Seth Rogen without the comedian noticing. As a part of the Judd Apatow clan, the two actors/friends have worked alongside each other in several films, including Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is the End, and Anchorman, among others. Though Rudd’s career has evolved tremendously over the last several decades, his reputation as one of the industry’s lovable favorites has always remained the same.

On the subject of said lovability, Rudd’s Mac and Me prank on Conan O’Brien could explain his history in Hollywood as a prankster. Rudd would start by explaining a clip he’s about to show from an upcoming project, then he would proceed to play a clip from the 1988 movie Mac and Me. The video showed a young boy rolling off a cliff in a wheelchair, with an animated alien popping his head up at the end. The ongoing joke started in 2004 and ran until the very end of Conan’s show in June.

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On Monday, Rogen took to Twitter letting fans know about another one of Rudd’s hilarious stunts. While Rogen was in the middle of getting a massage at a Las Vegas spa, Rudd snuck into the room and took over the rest of his massage. Apparently, Rogen had no clue Rudd switched places with his massage therapist. It wasn’t until the very end of his session when he realized it was Rudd’s hands that were working the magic. Check out his post below:

Though Rudd doesn’t personally run any social media handles, Rogen holds somewhat of a strong presence on both Twitter and Instagram. Recently, Rogen has shared many photos showcasing his handmade pottery on Instagram. Beyond just promoting this current artistic endeavor, however, it seems that Rogen makes a consistent effort to let his fans in on fun facts from his life. Another example of this would be drawing attention to what would be the 40th birthday of McLovin from Superbad, posting a photo on his Instagram of McLovin’s infamous Hawaiian fake ID.

Given the background of not only their personalities but longtime friendship, fans of Rogen and Rudd are likely unsurprised by Rogen’s tweet. That being said, the anecdote is one that will surely bring out a ton of smiles. When moments between two beloved entertainers are shared, like when Rogen smoked weed with Conan on the Late Show, it’s a welcomed reminder of the humanity that does exist in Hollywood. Any level-headed person can recognize that there’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes that the average Joe or Jane will never know. In a world where all forms of news seem to be plagued with less wholesome and silly content, it’s safe to assume fans appreciate being let in on the fun stuff too.

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