Pokémon Unite: Cinderace Build Guide (Best Skills, Items & Moves)

Pokémon Unite: Cinderace Build Guide (Best Skills, Items & Moves)

Cinderace is one of the Attackers available in Pokémon Unite. This guide will show the best items, moves, and skills it should learn in the game.

Cinderace is one of the playable characters in Pokemon Unite. This guide will show players the best build and items to use when playing this character. Pokemon Unite’s roster is broken up into 5 different categories. Players are given the option to choose between an Attacker, Speedster, All-Rounder, Defender, and Supporter. Each class comes along with their own special abilities and roles they need to play while on the field. In this game, players will score points by taking on enemy and wild Pokemon. Players will then need to cash these points in on the enemy’s side of the field to make it count. Each role will support each other to reach that goal to claim victory. In the case of Cinderace, it is one of the Attacker Pokemon. This guide will show players the best possible build to use when selecting Cinderace.

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Attacker Pokemon have low endurance and excel at dealing damage from long distances. This is the role that will go around collecting the most points. It is up to the rest of the roles to help Cinderace fulfill their job. Other Pokemon like Pikachu, Greninja, Venusaur, Alolan Ninetales, and Cramorant are available to take on this role but Cinderace is one of the best out there. Before the match begins, players can select Held Items to bring along to the battle. Like the mainline series, these Held Items will provide additional buffs to the Pokemon. Here is the best build to use when playing as Cinderace.

The Best Cinderace Build in Pokemon Unite (Skills, Items, and Moves)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cinderace

Here is the best line-up for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite.

  • Moves: Ember, Pyro Ball, and Feint.
  • Held Items: Focus Band (maintains some HP during critical moments), Scope Lens (boosts the chance of landing a critical hit), and Focus Band (increases basic attack damage).
  • Battle Item: Eject Button (this will allow Cinderace to move in a specific direction in an instance).

Players should be running the Top lane when using Cinderace. With these items, it can quickly take out wild Pokemon to build up levels and evolve quickly. Teaming Cinderace with Support Pokemon like Eldegoss will also make its job a bit easier. Cinderace and Pikachu are amongst the best Pokemon in the Attacker role but with the game releasing soon, this will likely change. Titles like these continue to have an evolving meta-game allowing players to experiment with different combinations. It will be interesting to see what other Pokemon will join the roster in the future.

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Pokemon Unite is available in July 2021 on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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The Best Attackers in Pokémon Unite

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