Pokémon Unite: Venusaur Build Guide

Pokémon Unite: Venusaur Build Guide

Pokémon United pits two teams of five players against each other in a Pocket Monsters MOBA game. Here are the best builds for an attacker Venusaur.

Pokémon Unite brings the colorful world of Pocket Monsters into a brand-new genre. This Pokémon-based MOBA game pits two teams of five Pokémon against each other on the quest to defeat wild Pokémon and capture control points. Along the way, players will also have to battle the other team’s Pokémon to achieve a win. There are 20 different Pokémon in the game, with more coming after Pokémon Unite‘s July 21 launch on Nintendo Switch.

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Each Pokémon in Pokémon Unite is put into one of five categories: Attackers, Defender, Supports, All-Rounders, and Speedsters. Each category of Pokémon presents its own pros and cons to the battle arena for each match. Attacker characters, such as Venusaur, usually fill the role of a DPS character that tries to maximize damage against enemy Pokémon. While there are multiple ways to play each Pokémon, there are certain roles that can be made more efficient with the correct build. Here is the build guide for Venusaur in Pokémon Unite.

The Best Builds for Venusaur in Pokémon Unite

Builds in Pokémon Unite are made up of three areas of interest: Moves, Held Items, and Battle Items. Players max out at three moves, three held items, and a single battle item per match. Players who are fans of starter Pokémon will probably be attracted to playing as Venusaur. There are different build setups for different scenarios, and since Venusaur is an attacker Pokémon, its builds will be centered around maximizing damage output. Two builds for Venusaur are deemed most efficient: a pure DPS build and a trapper build.

The move path for the DPS build is Razor Leaf, Petal Dance, and Solar Beam. Razor Leaf launches sharp leaves in quick succession, dealing damage in an area of effect. Petal Dance scatters petals around the player, increasing movement speed and dealing damage over time in an area of effect. Solar Beam blasts a beam of light at enemies, dealing damage in an area of effect. The best held items for this build of Venusaur are Shell Bell, Wise Glasses, and Special Attack glasses. These items are mostly used to boost Venusaur’s special attack, with the Shell Bell also decreasing moves’ cooldowns. The best battle item for the DPS Venusaur build is a potion, since there aren’t many defensive options for this version of Venusaur.

The move path for the trapper build is Seed Bomb, Sludge Bomb, and Giga Drain. Seed Bomb hurls a seed at the target, dealing damage in an area of effect. Sludge Bomb is like Seed Bomb, except it also decreases enemies’ movement speed and special defense. Giga Drain deals damage in an area of effect steals HP from opponents, and reduces damage taken. The best held items for this build are similar to the DPS build, with Leftovers replacing Special Attack Glasses. Leftovers increase max HP and recover health over time. The best battle item for this build is again the potion. With these two builds of Venusaur, players will surely take over the arena in Pokémon Unite with a ridiculous amount of damage per second! While not as rare as holographic Pokémon cards, a masterful Venusaur is a significant asset on the battlefield in Pokémon Unite.

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Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch.

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