Populism is not conservative. It’s crazy

Populism is not conservative. It’s crazy

There is already a preamble to the platform ready for Republican elements who want to push the party in a more populist direction.

This document declares that we are in the middle of a country on the verge of moral, political and material ruin. Corruption dominates polls, parliament, parliamentary newspapers are mostly subsidized or quarreled, polls are silent

The fruits of millions of labor have been boldly stolen, and a vast amount of wealth unprecedented in human history has accumulated. Large conspiracies are organized on two continents, which are rapidly dominating the world. If it is not overthrown immediately before that, it is a precursor to terrible social unrest, the destruction of civilization or the establishment of absolute tyranny.

Despite its clear trampian tone (corruption dominates polls; most newspapers are subsidized or muzzled), the melodramatic warning is actually the first. More than a century before the 45th president.

History of populism

Former Minnesota Republican Ignatius Donnelly wrote a famous preamble in the 1892 Emerging Population Party or People’s Party Platform, as the peasant grassroots political movement was at its peak of power and prospects.

Surprisingly, the grudges of old populists, once directed directly at railroads and banks, continue to flourish in the 21st century. Even more unexpected, American populism should now have a Republican foundation.

Since its inception in the 1850s, Republicans have acted as professional entrepreneurs to promote economic growth and success, rather than ridicule the creation of wealth as a product of illegal conspiracy. Populist attitudes can influence leftist movements around the world, but have little to do with American conservatism, which emphasizes the free market.

The preferred definition of populism in the Oxford Dictionary is described as a political approach that seeks to appeal to the general public, who feel that concerns have been ignored by established elite groups. Donald Trump’s relentless attack on fake news as an enemy of the people, and his promise to drain the swamp and destroy the deep nation, from left to right, of the 19th-century rebels who disrupted American politics. It is the capital. He responded to P’s populists.

The Ryan Streeter American Enterprise Institute, a professional business think tank, writes that these themes (elite abuse, the end of the United States, conspiracy theorists) are repeated over and over among claim policy vendors. He cites the former president’s first Twitter reaction to the Capitol riots on January 6. the reason. length. “”

Such comments may evoke part of the population, but they are largely unconservative. In the United States, centre-right thinking has consistently emphasized individual responsibility and avoided sacrificial cults. By increasing gratitude rather than dissatisfaction, people can change themselves, their situation, and society as a whole. Focusing on the Almighty Conspiracy, on the other hand, creates fear, frustration, and helplessness.

For most Americans, conspiracy thinking has little to do with living reality and rarely leads to political success. Since visiting Tocqueville in the 1830s, successful observers of the American scene have characterized our population as incredibly optimistic and consistently confident.

Conservatives and populists are inconsistent

Therefore, it is not surprising that the populist candidacy that identified the vast conspiracy that Ignatius Donnelly predicted as a complete tyranny led to a complete catastrophe in the 1892 poll. Those who are expected to compete fiercely with Democratic Grover will vote in less than 10% of popularity polls and six-state elections. It was late due to the dispersion of.

The People’s Party was able to win local victories with colorful personalities like Sockless Jerry Simpson in Kansas and Pitchfork Ventilman in South Carolina, but it didn’t get the attention of the public. 1896 Democratic merger (to support William)

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