Pretty Little Liars: 10 Biggest Lies The Main Characters Told

Pretty Little Liars: 10 Biggest Lies The Main Characters Told

Apart from the deep, dark secrets that A used as ammunition against the characters of Pretty Little Liars, the lies they told often landed them in trouble as well. On several occasions, the characters were forced to cover up a secret to protect themselves or someone else they cared about.

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Due to A’s frequent interference, the characters’ deceptions came back to wreak havoc on their lives. There were lots of lies told throughout the show, especially by the main characters, but some of their biggest ones were the fibs that had a major impact on their lives and the lives of other characters.

10 Aria Told Ezra She’s In College

Aria and Ezra's first kiss on Pretty Little Liars

When Aria and Ezra first met, he assumed she was a college student and asked her about her major. Instead of correcting him, Aria went along with his assumption and told him that she was leaning towards English Literature. When they met again, Aria realized Ezra was the new substitute teacher and he discovered she was a student in high school.

Aria’s seemingly harmless lie led to her clandestine relationship with Ezra, which A used to torment her for most of the first season. It led to more lies as Aria kept the secret from her friends and family because of the inappropriateness of a relationship between an older teacher and an underage student.

9 Alison’s Death

Alison DiLaurentis wearing a yellow top and looking toward her friends

Pretty Little Liars started out with the mystery of Ali’s disappearance, who was later confirmed to be dead by the end of the pilot. But as the series continued, secrets and lies unraveled, leading to the discovery that Alison wasn’t actually dead. Her disappearance and death were the two inciting events that set the series in motion and resulted in all the bad things that happened to the girls because of A’s actions.

As the girls continued to receive texts from the presumed dead Alison, they started seeing visions of her as well. She appears at the hospital after Hanna is hit by a car, which ranks as one of the scariest moments in Pretty Little Liars, and saves Emily from suffocating in a barn. Yet she never fully reveals herself to be alive and continued to perpetuate the belief that she was dead.

8 Emily’s College Graduation

Emily working at a bar on Pretty Little Liars

The five-year time jump revealed that Emily had gone to California to study at Pepperdine University. Before completing her studies, she lost her father and the grief took such a heavy toll on her, she dropped out of college and turned to alcohol. However, she sent her mother a photo of her fake graduation rather than tell the truth about her struggle.

Emily’s breakdown was understandable, but the decisions she made because of it only made things worse for her and others. After spending all of her inheritance, she started working at a bar and donated her eggs to make money, but A.D. got hold of those and Alison ended up carrying Emily’s child.

7 Spencer Passed Melissa’s Essay Off As Her Own

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) in "Pretty Little Liars."

After struggling with a Russian History essay, Spencer stole the one Melissa had written years ago for the same assignment and submitted it as her own. She didn’t even bother to alter the writing style or length; all she did was change the name and date on the essay and nothing else.

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Although this betrayal was minor by Pretty Little Liars standards, the lie spiraled when her teacher was so impressed with the essay that he submitted it for an award. Spencer won the award, but A most likely orchestrated the victory to use as leverage for a future blackmail scheme. Luckily, she ended up confessing to the plagiarism to her father before A could ruin her life in the episode “Reality Bites Me.”

6 Hanna Confessed To Killing Charlotte

Hanna looking worried on Pretty Little Liars

In a bid to lure Uber A out of hiding, Hanna lied that she was the one who killed Charlotte in the season 6 episode “Did You Miss Me?” At the time, their mysterious tormenter was demanding evidence of Charlotte’s killer and making a mess of the girls’ lives until they handed the killer over.

Although the group made plans to catch A, they were outsmarted at every point and their plan backfired when Hanna was abducted by A.D. She was hosed down and threatened with a cattle prod in a non-descript wooden shed, but A.D. had figured out that her confession was a lie.

5 Mona Confessed To Killing Wilden

Hanna’s mom Ashley was arrested for Wilden’s murder in the season 4 episode, “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook.” To save her mother, Hanna decided to confess to the murder instead and went to Mona for tips on how to lie convincingly to the cops. After Mona coached her through it, Caleb stopped Hanna from carrying out her dubious plan, but Mona went ahead and confessed to killing Wilden.

Mona’s motivations for this faux confession weren’t clear and left mostly up to speculation. It’s possible she still had a soft spot for Ashley and Hanna since they were close in earlier seasons and she confessed to save both of them. On the other hand, her confession might have been some part of a grand scheme with A to get the liars into even more trouble.

4 Ezra’s History With Alison

Ezra and Alison sitting in a car on PLL

One of the biggest twists on Pretty Little Liars was the disturbing truth about Ezra that no one could have guessed. His meet-cute with Aria in the pilot was actually a lie as he already knew who she was and started a relationship with her to get information for his true crime novel. He had actually met and briefly dated Alison before her disappearance and became fixated on solving her murder.

Ezra and Aria struggled with their relationship since he was her teacher. Their secret relationship was A’s biggest ammunition against Aria, which made the reveal of Ezra’s duplicity that much more devastating. After everything Aria had endured because of her love for Ezra, it felt like the ultimate betrayal to realize his intentions with her had not been genuine.

3 Melissa’s Pregnancy

Melissa and Ian after they eloped on PLL

Melissa had almost as many secrets as the main liars, like the fact that she buried Bethany Young because she thought Spencer had hit her with a shovel. As far as lies are concerned though, her biggest one was pretending to be pregnant even though she lost the baby after she found Ian dead.

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Due to her grief, Melissa might have felt it was easier to pretend she was still pregnant rather than reveal that she’d lost the baby as well and face people’s sympathy. She later told Spencer that she came close to opening up about losing the baby until she saw her with Ian’s phone, which had been planted by A.

2 Caleb Spying On Hanna For Jenna

Tyler Blackburn as Caleb on Pretty Little Liars

When Hanna first met Caleb, he was homeless. She hid him in her basement to give him a place to stay and warm food to eat. Unbeknownst to her, he took advantage of the situation and spied on her, selling information about her to Jenna.

Caleb kept up the pretense for a while because he believed that it was some “pretty girl rivalry” between Hannah and Jenna. Once he started developing feelings for Hanna, however, he stopped working with Jenna and started looking out for Hanna. Over time, he became her protector and a key member of their squad, helping them in their war against the many versions of A.

1 Toby On The A-Team

Toby caught red-handed wearing a black hoodie in Spencer's house on PLL

Spencer was heartbroken to find out that Toby was a member of the A-Team and orchestrated a lot of the torture she and her friends went through. Later, when his death was faked, she became a member of the team toomostly to find answersand she discovered Toby was actually alive.

Toby confessed that he was only on the A-Team to protect her. He had lied to Mona and the hidden orchestrator behind the A-Team that he didn’t love Spencer. While the back and forth of this reveal was confusing, it was a relief for most fans who wanted Spencer and Toby’s perfect relationship to continue.

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