Protests expected in support of Palestinians across the United States

Protests expected in support of Palestinians across the United States

Protesters in support of the Palestinians are expected to gather in U.S. cities this weekend, as Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire that ends days of destruction and bloodshed.

According to the Hamas-run health ministry, Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 243 people in Gaza since May 10, including children. Twelve Israelis have been killed in a firefight in Gaza, according to the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli Emergency Services.
Other parts of the region have also been hit by the violence. There have been reports of protests and mob violence in Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank, including launch dock attempts.

Thousands of protesters from New York to California gathered this past weekend. The demonstrators showed their support for the Palestinians and accused the Israeli government of using unnecessary force and indiscriminately bombing densely populated civilian areas. The Israeli government has accused Hamas of launching rocket attacks from the population center.
Samidun, an international network of organizers and activists working to support Palestinian political prisoners, has released a growing list of worldwide protests planned this weekend, which it still continues. As of Friday, it features more than 40 events on Saturdays and more than 15 events on Sundays in the United States.

Events are planned for almost every major city in the United States, including New York, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Portland.

The protests are expected to take place internationally, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa and Pakistan.
Nader Mirfik, 33, took part in a protest in New Orleans, Louisiana last weekend. Mirfik told CNN he wanted to help “open the eyes of people around the world to the injustices that are happening in Gaza and Palestine.”

“It’s about being human and fighting for what’s right,” he said. “We want justice and we want it now.”
Adil Abbuthallah, who took part in the protests in Sacramento, California, said the rallies gave him hope for a just and peaceful solution to the decades-long conflict.

“The unity we have seen, regardless of religion or ethnicity, says a lot about the Palestinian people,” said Abuthalha, 23. “They’re starting to get to hear their voices, and change is almost around the corner.”

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