Q-Force Trailer Teases Netflix’s LGBTQ Superspies

Q-Force Trailer Teases Netflix’s LGBTQ Superspies

Netflix releases the trailer for Q-Force, the upcoming animated comedy series about a group of LGBTQ superspies, created by Sean Hayes.

Netflix released a trailer for the anticipated series Q-Force, which centers around LGBTQ superspies. The animated adult comedy series, created by Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Michael Schur (The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), focuses on a the adventures of gay secret agent Steve Maryweather, a.k.a. Agent Mary, and his LGBTQ team members. Hayes, who will be the voice behind Agent Mary, is working with fellow cast member, David Harbour (Stranger Things, Suicide Squad), in the upcoming series. Harbour’s role will be Agent Buck, a straight character who joins the group after they become recognized as official spies by the American Intelligence Agency.

Netflix gave viewers a glimpse into the Q-Force world, showing off the series’ fun and outspoken group of characters who are packed with comedic zingers. Within the first ten seconds, Agent Mary gives a shoutout for being the first queer agents in the force, calling attention to the undeniable certainty that the show’s premise is breaking major conventional barriers. While Netflix has been expanding LGBTQ content within its live-action sector, the trailer teases viewers with a fresh look at one of their first animated series that carries the same kind of representation, if not more. Check out the trailer below:

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Harbour, who audiences will see in Black Widow this July, isn’t the only notable cast member on deck. Q-Force is serving up a slew of other celebrated performers, including Wanda Sykes, Laurie Metcalf, and Gary Cole. After nearly two years since Netflix picked up the series in 2019, the release date has been scheduled for September 2nd of this year.

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