Ralph Lauren unveils crisp white Team USA Olympic uniforms

Ralph Lauren unveils crisp white Team USA Olympic uniforms

NEW YORK (AP) – Team USA official Ralph Lauren unveiled Wednesday with the help of a sleek white graphic design worn by team USA and wide pockets at the closing ceremony. from the Tokyo Olympics.

The uniforms, including the Olympic Village uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren for American athletes, were ready to wear when they were suspended last summer due to the epidemic.

It seems like we’re all moving now, ”David Lauren, the company’s director of innovation and branding, told the Associated Press before the release. “These were designed, produced and ready to roll.”

The games are now scheduled to open on July 23 and end on August 8, as organizers continue to determine how the epidemic holds up with only 100 days remaining. Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren is ready to open and close the parade team for more than 60,000 US athletes to participate in the Paralympic Games and Olympic-themed items for sale to the public.

The uniforms for the opening ceremony will be unveiled in July.

Lauren, the son of the fashion giant’s founder, said sustainability was paramount at the Olympics.

Ralph Lauren, who has strengthened Team USA since 2006, worked with Dow on a cotton pretreatment dyeing process that uses less water, chemicals and energy than more conventional methods. The process was used for navy blue polo shirts that all athletes would accept.

The completion ceremony used a patch of white stretch denim pants for a patch with plant-based materials and a leather alternative with an agricultural duplex without agricultural plastic, made from cotton grown in the USA and as a lightweight jacket with lanyard, a red, white and blue striped belt for athletes to wear is taken from a partially recyclable plastic bottle.

The patches are already a maintenance of the historic Olympic delay: they say “Team USA” with the year 2020 printed in red.

The white zip-up jacket has a navy blue collar and hood and the red, white and blue striped cuffs include an American flag patch on one arm and “USA”. in the other, followed by a pair of pants. Athletes will wear a classic white polo shirt, a white sneaker with a striped pattern, and a navy blue mask made from American cotton. The uniforms were made in the United States.

The company’s Olympic retail collection will be available to purchase online at RalphLlaren.com beginning Wednesday and at select Ralph Lauren retail stores in June, in US department stores and on TeamUSASAP.com. All earnings teams support America.

We want our athletes to be truly ambassadors of American style, culture and as athletes, ”Lauren said recently via Zoom in Manhattan. “Also, we realized that the message for the Olympics was about sustainability, it would be the most sustainable Olympics ever and an opportunity to present skills to the team in a new way of thinking about our environment.”

Daryl Homer, a silver medalist in saber fencing at the 201 Games, is looking forward to his third Olympics. He was one of three Tokyo candidates to model the closing uniform for Polo Ralph Lauren Store AP in Soho District, Manhattan.

Olympic delays, Homer, 30, said the competition’s one-year leave was sometimes tough.

I feel pretty smart,” he said. “Considering the situation, I am preparing as much as I can. I am very happy to be in the games. ”

Homer, who lived in Harlem during the epidemic, used his downtime to “be a normal person and get out of the game a bit.” I read, I walked, I ran, I tried to stay in good shape. I tried to be present where I was. ”

Honolulu resident Jordin Barrett, who now lives in San Diego, was also on hand to wear the uniform. The skater, hoping to make his Olympic debut for the first time, said after adding his sport: “He started feeling real last month or so. He feels so much more real and so much more stressful. ”

The 22-year-old is a citizen, has a stop on the tour and won the World Championship before the Olympics, with no competition after November 2019.

It’s a great job for women to skateboard. It’s a very male-dominated sport,” Barrett, a skateboarding expert at the park, said of his Olympic fulfillment on the field.

And Barrett is probably delighted at the prospect of going to Tokyo with his childhood friend, fellow skater, Olympian and 2019 world champion Himana Reynolds, a native of the Holocaust who moved to San Diego in November.

It was probably like the first skater I ever met, “he said.” I was, wow, it’s really cool that there were girls skating.

Reynolds, Barrett joked, “Growing up is a good kid.”

Lauren noted that the Olympics would be the first time since the epidemic began that “the world is back together again.” She called the games an “out party” and gave “a sense of hope that we need everything in our lives right now.”

Like other Olympic fans, Lorraine is disappointed not to participate in the Tokyo Games. The organizers have decided that foreign visitors will not be allowed. She has attended past Olympic opening ceremonies in Beijing, Vancouver, London, and Atlanta.

“Seeing this whole team together, seeing the force, it’s one of the best experiences of my life. It’s nothing like you’ve never seen it before,” she said. “When you are there, it is electric.”

She said there is an idea: “We are all one.

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