RDR2: How Long Arthur’s Hair Can Actually Get

RDR2: How Long Arthur’s Hair Can Actually Get

Arthur’s hair can get quite lengthy in RDR2, but just how long can it grow, and how can it reach the maximum length in the shortest amount of time?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is widely acclaimed for its immersive story of the Wild West and the dying way of the outlaws that still reside in it. From hunting animals and skinning them for parts and food to the way Arthur interacts with civilians around the lands, Red Dead Redemption 2 makes players feel like they’re surviving out in the wilds. As time passes within RDR2 and players roam the game’s map, they’ll notice that Arthur’s hair and beard grow as well.

Hair growth is a nice small detail in RDR2 to really make it seem as if time does pass, providing even more immersion – even on just a small scale. Arthur’s hair and beard will grow at a relatively natural speed and can be styled at any barbershop in towns like Valentine, Blackwater, or Saint Denis. There are different hairstyles, beard styles, and pomade styles to choose from in Red Dead Redemption 2, allowing players to customize Arthur’s appearance to their liking.

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When at the barbershop or at the Van der Linde camp‘s, players will notice a slider of various levels indicating hair growth. Hair has seven levels maximum which can be grown naturally, however, beard length is a bit different. Beard lengths have 10 levels maximum, but only seven of those can be achieved by simply waiting for time to pass. To grow their character’s beard to its highest potential in Red Dead Redemption 2, players will need to seek out Hair Tonics.

What a Level 7 Haircut and Level 10 Beard Looks Like In RDR2

How Long Can Arthur's Beard Grow

Arthur’s hair in RDR2 can grow down slightly past the bottom of his neck just above the shoulders – which is only a couple of inches longer than John’s normal hair in Red Dead Redemption. As for the beard, it will grow naturally to cover Arthur’s neck fully, but to extend the beard to levels 8-10, Hair Tonics must be used. However, using Hair Tonics won’t speed up time in RDR2, and players will still need to wait for the hair itself to grow.

Fortunately, Hair Tonics can be stacked up to three times to shorten the process considerably. To grow the beard to its maximum within the shortest amount of time, Red Dead Redemption 2 players should use three Hair Tonics and then keep fast traveling, sleeping, or waiting in front of stores until morning, because beards will grow only during a loading screen. While the natural look of a level seven beard is still cleanly kempt, levels 8-10 grow significantly longer and get a bit rattier. Once Arthur’s beard has reached its peak, players will be rewarded with a nice long Gandalf-esque beard.

With Arthur’s hair and beard at full length, players are free to choose to cut it in any way they’d like. Many Red Dead Redemption 2 fans may not have been patient enough to ever grow out their hair or beards, and only kept Arthur or John with a fade, a short hair part, or swept-back look. With longer head and facial hair, however, more options become available. The same can be done with John Marston during the epilogue, so players won’t need to worry about a lack of customization in RDR2’s endgame.

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