Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: 10 Best Kyle Richards Quotes

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: 10 Best Kyle Richards Quotes

As an original cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards has shown fans her beautiful homes, her marriage, her four daughters, and her rocky relationship with her sister Kim.

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From talking about her sister to explaining why she has such a happy life, Kyle has said many memorable quotes on RHOBH that viewers still think about. These quotes made a big impression at the time and are still beloved to this day. No matter what she’s talking about, Kyle is sweet, relatable, and one of the most entertaining cast members of the entire Bravo franchise.

10 “Can we get a bottle of Rosé out here? And a funnel.”

Kyle said this quote in a season 7 episode when she hosted a game night. She could tell that her sister Kim and Lisa Rinna were about to start fighting because they have never been able to get along. (Lisa Rinna behaved badly RHOBH at times, and some of her biggest arguments were with Kim.) Apparently, Kyle thought that some rosé would make everything better.

This is a memorable quote because of the way Kyle tried to make the evening go smoothly, an attempt that viewers knew was doomed. This being the Real Housewives, a smooth evening wasn’t in the cards (no pun intended).

9 “We deserve to know the truth.”

Real Housewives' Kyle Richards Urges Sister to Seek Mental Health Treatment

This quote comes from the mid-season trailer for season 11 of RHOBH. Kyle was talking about Erika’s divorce and the legal situation that she was in.

Fans could see Kyle’s perspective here, as she made a good point. It sounded like Kyle hoped that Erika would continue to spill the details and allow the others into her inner world. While it made sense that Erika couldn’t tell her close friends absolutely everything about her legal case, she could still be vulnerable with them. Thankfully, she did spend much of that season talking about her emotions and her divorce.

8 “My husband is in real estate. Very high-end real estate.”

Kyle Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle’s quote told fans everything that they needed to know: Her husband makes a lot of money and her family lives a fabulous, luxurious life because of it. She felt it was important to specify that “high-end real estate” is different from selling less-expensive homes.

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The RHOBH husbands, who have memorable quotes themselves, are important parts of the show, so it always adds depth to hear the cast talk about their partners. Fans love this quote from Kyle because she was so direct.

7 “I’m not the richest girl in Beverly Hills, but I am the luckiest.”

kyle richards botique - rhobh season 4

The Real Housewives taglines are clever ways to demonstrate each cast member’s vibe and personality. Kyle’s season 2 tagline explained that she might not be as wealthy as others around her, but she loved her life, family, and friends.

Fans have seen a lot of change happen in Kyle’s life over the years. She produced her TV show American Woman inspired by her childhood, opened a boutique, saw her daughters go off to college, and worked on her relationships with her sisters Kim and Kathy. This tagline is perfect because it showed that, for Kyle, money isn’t everything, and she can handle the ups and downs because she’s happy and grateful.

6 “Honey, we’re good.”

RHOBH - Kyle sitting with Erika at dinner

In season 9, the cast went to France and had a fabulous trip. They enjoyed some wine and quality time with each other. In one scene, Kyle did this impression of Erika, which even Erika admitted was funny and accurate.

This was a perfect example of a time when the cast had a good time together and were able to let loose. It was nice seeing Kyle feel comfortable enough to quote Erika, as it proved that they had become closer. Fans loved how much Kyle sounded like her co-star.

5 “If you’ve been married for 20 years in Beverly Hills, it’s like being married for 100 years somewhere else.”

RHOBH: Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky out to dinner.

Kyle’s quote about her marriage is both funny and relatable. Even though she lives in luxury, she really does cherish the moments that she spends with her family, and this is a theme that comes up time and time again on the show.

In addition, fans like to see Mauricio on RHOBH because he’s always kind, supportive, and loving. He’s had many charming scenes on the show, like when he surprised their daughter Alexia with a car. Since Kyle and Mauricio are such favorites, quotes like this that give insight into their marriage are like catnip for fans.

4 “You do not want to go there. My sister— don’t ever talk about her like that again.”

Kyle and Brandi arguing

In this season 2 scene, Kyle told Brandi not to talk about Kim, as she was doing her best to protect her sister. Kyle and Brandi had a lot of bad blood, and it was often because Brandi and Kim were close, which Kyle thought was a bad idea.

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Fans have seen Kim and Kyle’s fights over the years, and it’s always heartbreaking. Kyle has always prioritized Kim’s health and happiness, but sometimes they couldn’t help but argue. This quote stands out because of how it showed Kyle standing up for her sister instead of battling with her.

3 “My mom was very strict and we were supposed to be perfect. I try not to do that to my kids.”

kyle richards portia umansky RHOBH CROPPED

In season 8, Kyle opened up about her childhood and her parenting style when having dinner with the cast. She shared that she saw an Instagram photo that her daughter posted that showed someone else drinking. She got upset, and she wasn’t sure that she handled the situation properly.

This was a sweet quote because it revealed Kyle opening up to her friends. In response, they told her that she’s a good mom and that she was doing her best. It was a moment of heart and honesty between the cast members, the kind of moment that reminds viewers that the women on the show are real people.

2 “Her closet, it could eat my closet for breakfast.”

The world of the Real Housewives is a luxurious one, and the cast of RHOBH all live in amazing mansions. Some of them have some truly awe-inspiring closets, and this is one of Kyle’s most memorable quotes.

While the RHOBH cast lives fabulous lives, sometimes even they are surprised by the wealth of their friends. This was a great example of a time when Kyle was amazed by the riches surrounding her, and it showed fans that even the wealthy compare themselves to each other.

1 “This night is going to be different. We’re going to have fun. We’re having sushi, drinks, great food, friends and no … Brandi Glanville.”

Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Some of the most compelling Real Housewives quotes hint at the drama and conflict that has happened earlier in the season. With this quote, Kyle anticipated a peaceful evening mainly because Brandi wasn’t going to be there.

Brandi and Kyle have had some of the biggest and most intense fights on the Real Housewives, and fans understood from this quote that Kyle just didn’t want to deal with any tension. Everyone can relate to wanting to have a nice, fun party free of drama and, more specifically, free of someone who tends to cause drama.

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