Republican leads Texas election after robocall claim she killed husband with Covid

Republican leads Texas election after robocall claim she killed husband with Covid

Suzanne Wright, the widow of a Republican congressman, persuaded a special election in Texas on Saturday after she reported a strange RoboCall to law enforcement after creating a lead where her husband was accused of murdering the Covid-19 deal.

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Saturday’s election in the Sixth Congressional District drew 23 candidates and was seen as a key test for both the Republican Party under Donald Trump and the Democratic prospect of entering Texas.

With the support of the former president, Wright led with 19% of the vote. The only anti-Trump conservative in the field, former Marine Michael Wood, was far from on the move.

A Republican, Jack LG a Democrat, took second place and the second round for Jana Lynn Sánchez.

State representative and Navy veteran LG received 13.6% of the vote. With only 354 ballots and less than half a percent of the points that differentiate him from Sánchez, he is a journalist and communication professional who ran for the seat in 2018 with 13.4%.

In a statement, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilbert Hinojosa spoke boldly about the result.

He stressed that the new Democratic South was emerging and that we would continue our movement to take back our state, even looking ahead to the 2022 gubernatorial race, we were even ready to build Democratic power, defeat Texas Republicans, and defend our rights and Texans first, ready to select certain leaders.

However, the Sixth District near Dallas and Fort Worth will send a Republican back to Washington despite years of Democratic leanings.

In Utah on Saturday, Romney, the only Republican senator to vote to convict both in Trump’s impeachment trial, was arrested while on his way to a state conference and was called a traitor.

NBC News reported that the split in Texas was roughly 60% -40% in favor of the Republicans. Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University, told Reuters: “The Democrats have not been able to get their people out, and what they have done since then … they have divided the Democratic vote.”

The contest was to fill a vacant seat when Congressman Ron Wright died in February after signing the Cobid-19 agreement. Trump endorsed his wife this week.

On the eve of the election, Politico reported that Susan Wright sought the help of local and federal police after receiving a list of voters who said she had murdered her husband and that she was attending Congress to cover coverage.

The RoboCall claimed that Wright received a 1 million life insurance policy on her husband’s life six months before her death and through tears she told a nurse that she had intentionally contracted the coronavirus.

In the female voice, the call did not say who paid for it.

This is illegal, immoral and wrong, Wright said. There is no deep sewer that some politicians do not drown.

Matt Langston, an associate, said: “Susan’s opponents are pursuing a policy of despair and hatred.

Other Republican candidates have condemned the call.

On the eve of the election, conservative anti-Trump Wood told CNN that he ran because he was concerned about Trump’s influence and that he should confront someone and tell him who the Republican Party should be.

He added that he feared for the future of the country in light of Trump’s false belief that the elections had been rigged, with 0% of Republicans in a CNN poll this week saying they believe Joe Biden did not get enough valid votes. to win the White House. and conspiracy theories like Keunan.

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